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‘Doll House’: Baron Geisler, Althea Ruedas, & Director Marla Ancheta Talk About Netflix’s New Drama Film

You can now stream the new movie on Netflix!

Soon to join Netflix’s Pinoy gems such as Through Night and Day and My Amanda is a new heartwarming film from director Marla Ancheta titled Doll House.

Starring Baron Geisler and the young Althea Ruedas, this new flick from the Finding Agnes director tells the story of a rock band singer Rustin, who has a troubled past. Due to drug addiction, Rustin abandoned his wife Sheena, and their baby Yumi. Years later in the Netherlands, Rustin finds the opportunity to become Yumi’s babysitter without her knowing about their blood ties, and tries to rekindle their long-lost relationship.

In a recent roundtable interview with the press, director Marla Ancheta, Baron Geisler, and Althea Ruedas talked about how the film took shape.

When the trailer dropped, viewers quickly saw Baron Geisler as fit for his role in the film, having been cast as an antagonist in many shows and films, but it was the hint of a dramatic redemption that really pumped the viewers. According to director Ancheta, the film’s producer suggested that Baron play Rustin, and she was on board with the idea immediately.

“I really want to touch the story of a family, relationship, and of course, since we have these good actors, kailangan maging believable ito na mag-ama kayo… Basically, dun ako mas naka-focus. It’s really more of how to deliver the characters at the same time, nasusundan mo kung paano nagde-develop yung relationship nilang mag-ama,” explained the director.


Geisler also talked about accepting the role: “What’s not to say ‘yes’ to? It’s a big project with Netflix, it’s a worldwide movie, it’s a big-budget film, and it’s a good role,” said Baron. “Now I’m on my knees, praying that I get to sustain this and get more substantial roles like this.”

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Furthermore, Baron Geisler also shared how the role came at the right time, just a few months after he promised his wife that he’d be in his own Netflix film.

“One time, me and my wife were watching Netflix, A Faraway Land,” says Baron. “I’m a good friend, best friend ko si Paolo Contis. Nagustuhan namin yung pelikula, and then my wife, nakita kong na-sad siya, na parang she wanted something like that for me. And then I said, you know what, one day I’m gonna have a film like that.

“And then I called up Paolo, I said ‘Pao, angganda ng pelikula mo pang-Hollywood! I love you! Congratulations! Walang jealousy to, punong-puno ng gratitude. Then simula nun, dun ako nagkaroon ng revelation na if you have this authentic appreciation for another actor, another film, and I want the same na mangyari sa akin, then God will give it to me, and wala pa yatang dalawang buwan biglang tinawagan ako for this film,” the actor added.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

As for Baron’s young co-star Althea, she shares that the atmosphere on set was fun, but at first, she also got nervous when she got the role. “Super nervous and excited po ako nung nalaman ko po na nakuha ko po yung role. Nervous because they’re all big stars na po, mga kasama ko po, pero excited po kasi it’s my first movie in Netflix po kaya thankful po ako kay Papa Jesus na binigay Nya po sakin ‘to,”

Asked about their favorite parts on the film and during the shoot, Althea tells the press: “Ang favorite scenes ko po talaga, yung mga bonding time po nila Yumi and Rusty, kasi talagang hindi po kami nag-aacting nun. Talagang nag-eenjoy lang po kami.”

Baron adds, “One of the best things that really got to me was the father-daughter love story. Me reconnecting with my daughter and the realization that I have a lot of unfinished business in life. And also, masasabi ko na heart and soul din ng movie na ‘to, malaking part si Direk Marla, because she has guided Althea and I all through out.”

Photo: Netflix

The film also stars Mary Joy Apostol, Phi Palmos, Katreena Beron, Izah Hankammer, Alwyn Uytingo, and Ricardo Cepeda. Doll House is now streaming on Netflix.

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