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8 Movies Coming to PBO Channel This August 2022

We’ve rounded up eight movies from PBO's August lineup that you might want to catch on your TV!

If you feel like spending some of your free time this month of August on the couch, watching films, PBO Channel has you covered with their lineup of Pinoy movies. And to make it even easier for you, we’ve rounded up eight movies from their lineup that you might want to catch on your TV!

Check them out below:

Hanggang Kailan

Schedule: August 13, 4:30 PM | August 18, 3:15 AM | August 23, 7:30 PM

Kath (Louise de los Reyes) and Donnie (Xian Lim) are celebrating their 2nd year anniversary in Japan and decides to end their relationship when the trip ends.


Schedule: August 3, 11:45 PM | August 19, 5:30 AM


A group of teenage friends seeks the thrill of ghost-hunting and stumbles upon an old camera. As they carelessly play with it, they unknowingly summon the demon that exists inside.


Schedule: August 5, 7:15 PM | August 15, 11 AM | August 24, 9:30 PM

Vin (Sam Concepcion) invites a simple island girl, Jen (Nadine Lustre), to join Indak Pinas, a dance group, after her dance video goes viral. The two not only find their groove, but also slowly fall for each other.

Death of a Girlfriend

Schedule: August 8, 1:30 PM | August 20, 4:15 PM | August 26, 11:30 PM

When Christine was found brutally killed in the woods, her boyfriend, a forest ranger, and a farmer are summoned for an inquest. Each has a version to tell.

The Trigonal

Schedule: August 5, 11:30 PM | August 9, 11 AM | August 21, 8 AM

An underground fighting circuit run by an international crime syndicate invades a retired MMA champion’s small, idyllic island hometown. Syndicate thugs brutally assault his wife and kill his best friend, leaving him with no other choice but to fight for justice.

On Vodka, Beers, & Regrets

Schedule: August 10, 11:30 AM | August 21, 5:30 PM | August 29, 7:30 PM

A washed up actress and former child star Jane Pineda (Bela Padilla), battles with love, chances, and alcoholism as her career plummets to rock bottom.

All Souls Night

Schedule: August 11, 11:45 PM | August 15, 3:30 AM | August 23, 9 AM

Shirley (Andi Eigenmann) is a caregiver and finds herself working for a strange family living in fear of her father.

HRNA (The Digital Experience)

Schedule: August 20, 9:30 PM | August 21, 11 AM | August 24, 3 PM | August 26, 8:45 PM | August 30, 12:45 PM

Be wooed as the new generation of Digital Hitmakers Adie, Arthur Nery, Rob Deniel, and Unique Salonga, captivate your hearts and serenade you with a one-of-a-kind digital concert experience.

For more Movies on PBO Channel this August and for the daily schedules of PBO, click here.

[Note: schedules are subject to change without prior notice]

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