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10 Most Nominated Shows at Emmys 2022 & Where to Stream Them

The Emmys could be a handy guide on the must-watch series out there!

The list of Emmy nominees this year is out, giving us a roundup of the most promising programs that blessed our TVs and streaming platforms in the past year. If you’re on the lookout for the next bingeable series to add to your watchlist, then the Emmy nominations could be a handy guide!

On this list, we’ve rounded up the most nominated TV shows at this year’s Emmys and where you can stream them here in the Philippines!

1. Succession

25 Nominations | Stream it on HBO GO

The satirical series Succession follows the dysfunctional Roy family, who own the global media and entertainment conglomerate Waystar RoyCo. When the health of their patriarch Logan Roy begins to deteriorate, the family members fight for control over the company. Filled with tensions between billionaires trying to find their own place in the world and the Roy’s family legacy, Succession finds success in its rich writing and interesting roster of characters.

2. Ted Lasso

20 Nominations | Stream it on Apple TV+


This comedy-drama from Apple TV+ follows the story of Ted Lasso, an American college football coach who was hired to coach the English Premier League soccer team AFC Richmond. The team’s owner, Rebecca Welton, hopes that Lasso’s lack of knowledge and experience will make the team fail as part of Rebecca’s revenge plan on her unfaithful ex-husband. But through Ted’s charm and amiable personality, he might just pull it off.

3. The White Lotus

20 Nominations | Stream it on HBO GO

Part murder mystery, part social satire, The White Lotus revolves around the guests and employees at an exclusive Hawaiian resort. The show follows a number of rich and privileged tourists enjoying a piece of paradise in Hawaii. While facing their individual troubles, the vacationers’ days begin to grow grim which ultimately leads to a mysterious murder.

4. Hacks

17 Nominations | Stream it on HBO GO

Another dramedy from HBO, Hacks serves as a critique of the comedy world while telling a heartfelt tale. The show follows the legendary Las Vegas comedian Deborah Vance, who needs to reinvent her aging quips to keep her job at the Palmetto Casino. Deborah’s manager then sends her a new head writer, Ava, a young comedy writer who has trouble finding work due to her arrogance. The unlikely team-up soon becomes a mentorship where Ava helps Deborah revive her act, while Deborah helps Ava work out her attitude and personal problems.

5. Only Murders in the Building

17 Nominations | Streaming on HULU (Not yet available in PH)

In Only Murders in the Building, Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short play three strangers obsessed with true crime. Little did they know, they would find themselves wrapped up in one after a murder happens at their Upper West Side apartment building. The trio then uses their combined knowledge of true crime to find the culprit, but they would soon realize that they could become the killer’s next target.

6. Euphoria

16 Nominations | Stream it on HBO GO

Starring Zendaya, the HBO drama Euphoria follows a group of young adults navigating their life in high school, experiencing struggles involving their identity, traumas, self-harm, drugs, family, love, and sex. The show’s main protagonist is Zendaya’s Rue Bennett, a recovering drug addict who just went out of rehab, facing many challenges as she tries to find her place in the world.

7. Barry

14 Nominations | Stream it on HBO GO

This black comedy series follows the titular character, Barry Berkman, who finds himself at a crossroads in his life. A US Marine and Afghanistan veteran from Cleveland, Barry now works as a hitman and goes on a trip to Los Angeles to take down his next target. But when he joins a class of aspiring actors, Barry finds a new sense of purpose, and he ends up juggling his criminal life and acting life.

8. Dopesick

14 Nominations | Streaming on HULU (Not yet available in PH)

This 8-part drama series is based on the non-fiction book Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America by Beth Macy. It focuses on America’s “epicenter” of opioid addiction, involving Purdue Pharma, the Food and Drug Administration, the United States Department of Justice, and the affected individuals and families. It details the legal case against Purdue Pharma and their development, testing, and marketing of the drug OxyContin.

9. Severance

14 Nominations | Stream it on Apple TV+

This sci-fi, psychological thriller offers an interesting premise: technology can now separate your memories within the workplace and outside of work. The series follows Mark, an employee of the technology corporation Lumon Industries, who agrees to be part of what is called the “severance” program, dividing his memories into two parts. But soon, Mark begins to uncover a dangerous conspiracy from both sides.

10. Squid Game

14 Nominations | Stream it on Netflix

Netflix’s hit survival thriller from Korea, Squid Game, made waves around the world with its quick rise to fame. The series revolves around a deadly competition orchestrated for the entertainment of the wealthy. It follows the story of Seong Gi-hun, a man drowning in debt who gets invited to join a mysterious tournament for a chance to win 45.6 billion won. However, the whopping prize also meant higher stakes, as the challenges eliminate the players by killing them off.

The Emmy Awards will be airing on September 12, 8 AM (Philippine time) on NBC and Peacock. Follow us on  FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to get the latest news on film, TV, and more updates around the city!

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