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Now Streaming: K-Drama ‘Dear. M’ Starring NCT’s Jaehyun & Park Hye-soo

This new K-drama is packed with mystery and romance!

If you’re looking for a new drama to binge on this weekend, here’s something you might want to check out!

The first six episodes of the new K-drama Dear. M is now available for streaming! Based on the web series Love Playlist, this mystery romance drama stars NCT’s Jaehyun and Park Hye-soo of Saimdang, Memoir of Colors and My Shy Boss.

The series begins with a school mystery that surfaced at Seoyeon University. The peace within the campus is turned upside down when a mysterious “M” makes an anonymous post on the school’s online community. A post that drew the attention of every student, prompting them to set out to uncover the truth.

Ma Joo-a, a second-year student in the Business Administration Department is one of the people interested into finding out M’s identity. Having no interest in pursuing her own dreams nor having any romantic relationship, she decides to take on the challenge. Joining alongside her is her old friend Cha Min-ho from the Computer Science Department, Economics major Seo Ji-min, and Business Administration major Park Ha-neul.

As they go on a journey of solving this mystery, the four friends would also find themselves navigating their young-adult lives filled with morphing relationships and budding romances.


Park Hye-soo stars as Ma Joo-a while Jeahyun plays Cha Min-ho. Noh Jung-ui and Bae Hyeon-seong also star as Seo Ji-min and Park Ha-neul respectively. Dear.M is directed by Park Jin-woo and Seo Joo-wan.

Where to watch ‘Dear. M’?

The first six episodes of Dear. M is now available for streaming for free on Rakuten Viki. The remaining six episodes of the drama will be available a week later on July 6.

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