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Catch on National Geographic This February: Big Cats, Brain Games, and Black Markets

Here are titles to add to your watchlist this February!

Wondering which titles you could watch on National Geographic this month of love? This February, enjoy a series of brain challenges on the road, discover the operations of black markets, and follow the lives of animals in the wild!

Battle of the Brains

Brain Games: On The Road

Premieres Saturday, February 26 at 9am on National Geographic (Cignal CH141 SD, CH240 HD / Skycable CH41 SD, CH195 HD)

Brain Games is out of the studio and on the road! Host Chuck Nice pits average Americans against their neighbours to test their brain power in a series of friendly competitions filled with mind-bending games designed for at-home play.

The Underworld’s Black Markets

Trafficked With Mariana van Zeller: S2


Premieres Friday, February 18 at 11pm on National Geographic (Cignal CH141 SD, CH240 HD / Skycable CH41 SD, CH195 HD)

Mariana van Zeller in bulletproof vest. (Credit: National Geographic)

The second season of Trafficked sees journalist Mariana van Zeller offering viewers an intimate peek behind black markets and trafficking networks — from the inner workings of romance scams to the dark corners of black market plastic surgery — to meet the players, learn the business, and better understand the world’s multi trillion-dollar shadow economy.

Travel the World 

Europe From Above: S3

Premieres Tuesday, February 1 at 9pm on National Geographic (Cignal CH141 SD, CH240 HD / Skycable CH41 SD, CH195 HD)

Embark on spectacular aerial journeys revealing Europe’s nations as they’ve never been seen before. From erupting volcanoes in Iceland, to pristine Roman amphitheatres in Croatia and record-breaking waves in Portugal. This documentary shares the traditions and engineering breakthroughs that continue to shape these great nations today.

Wild Australia: Fierce Families, Tough Terrain

Premieres Saturday, February 12 at 8.30pm on Nat Geo Wild (Cignal CH142 / Skycable CH66 SD, CH193 HD)

Journey to the Land Down Under where there are scorching deserts and predator-filled seas. Known for its harsh environments, venomous creatures and impenetrable terrain, the most resilient Australian creatures have found a secret to survival – sticking together. 

Inside the Animal Kingdom

Alaska Animal Rescue Compilations

Premieres Tuesday, February 1, at 8:30pm on Nat Geo Wild  (Cignal CH142 / Skycable CH66 SD, CH193 HD)

Friar Tuck, a Bald Eagle, at the Alaska Raptor Center. (National Geographic)

Join Alaska’s conservation heroes on America’s last frontier, as they rescue, relocate and rehabilitate wild animals by land, sea, and air. Follow the stories of these local heroes who commit their lives to helping all animals – small or big. 

Big Cat Week (Stunt) 

Premieres Monday-Saturday, February 14-26 at 8.30pm on Nat Geo Wild (Cignal CH142 / Skycable CH66 SD, CH193 HD)

Get up close and personal with some of the most formidable feline predators. Join Dereck and Beverly Joubert as they showcase their incredible journey with big cats in Revealed: Big Cat Odyssey, the conflict between Lions and Hyenas in Revealed: Eternal Enemies, and the unexpected predator-prey relationships between Lions and Elephants in Revealed: Ultimate Enemies

World of Polar Bears (Stunt) 

Premieres Sunday, February 27 at 8.30pm on Nat Geo Wild (Cignal CH142 / Skycable CH66 SD, CH193 HD)

The polar bear is the world’s largest land predator, but they’re born blind and deaf. How does a helpless cub become a successful killer? Nat Geo Wild exposes real life and death struggles in dramatic second-by-second detail and documents the secret world of these Arctic bears.

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