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The Money Heist Creator and Cast Talk About the Much-Awaited Ending to the Netflix Series

After five seasons, Money Heist is finally coming to an end. And with how Vol. 1 ended, anything can happen to the finale. Will there be more deaths in the gang? Will they be able to get out of the bank with the gold? In Vol. 2, they make a bold plan to get the gold out of the Bank of Spain without anyone noticing. If you think it won’t get worse, the Professor makes the biggest mistake of his life.

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In a virtual press conference, we were joined by the Money Heist creators and cast members before its show finale. They talked about the last volume, what was it like shooting their last scenes, and what they will take from this experience. Read below:

Álex Pina on how the last volume is different from the previous one

Álex Pina: The first one was emotional but the second volume is where we linked everyone together. We’ve added some emotional parts to the characters somehow closing the circle of who those characters are, and giving the answers to help understand the whole universe of Money Heist. When we started to write this volume, we saw that there were some twists and turns that we have to compress from a sentimental standpoint. So this is a very balanced installment that’s been harder to write.

Money Heist
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Álvaro Morte on what he likes about The Professor

Álvaro Morte: Something I really like about The Professor is when he shows he’s humane because sometimes you think he’s a marvelous robot. But there are those times that I’m able to connect with the human side of him and I love that. It requires making mistakes showing that The Professor is not perfect. Those cracks in the character are the ones that I’m more excited about. 


Úrsula Corberó on why she thinks Money Heist has a huge fandom all over the world

Úrsula Corberó: I think that’s the key question no one can answer. I’ve always said that I think it’s something that has to do with the characters — the family, love, brotherhood, sisterhood, and there are different elements in the show that are universal and very relatable. 

Money Heist
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Esther Acebo on how she created the chemistry with Enrique Arce and Jaime Lorente

Esther Acebo: When you’re working on something that you’re so passionate about, it requires so much energy, work, compassion, that creates human bonds within the team that is indestructible. So in the show and in real life, it’s true — there’s a bond between us, particularly between those who have worked closely together and it goes beyond the screen.

Miguel Herrán on the memories he will take with him

Miguel Herrán: I will take it all! It has been a tough show for all of us who have been there. Even if you’re seeing us laughing now, it has been hard. There’s a great effort behind and we have been rewarded of course. This show has given me a lot, it became like a showcase for the international arena so that’s the greatest gift. I also have the greatest colleagues and they will be dear to me forever so yes, I will take all the good things with me. I’ve forgotten about all the bad things and I can’t even remember my last shooting day.

Money Heist

Álvaro Morte on his last shooting day

Álvaro Morte: My last shooting day was beautiful. In Money Heist, there are different teams, and the day I’ve finished, I actually finished with the same team that was shooting with me the very first day so it was beautiful. 

Money Heist Vol. 2 premieres on Netflix on December 3. Stream it here.

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