Q&A: The Cast of Money Heist on Surviving a Bank Heist

The cast of Money Heist talks about the new season's plot twists! Will your favorites make it?

We were left with a handful of questions after watching the last episode of the previous season. Does Nairobi die? How will the Professor continue with his plans when he believes Lisbon has been executed? What happens to Lisbon? In Money Heist: Part 4, it becomes even more chaotic as the gang struggles to work together inside the Bank of Spain.

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At a video press conference, we had the chance to speak with four of the cast members — Alvaro Morte (Professor), Jaime Lorente (Denver), Alba Flores (Nairobi) and the newest member of the cast Belen Cuesta (Manila). The actors talk about their reactions to knowing what happens to their characters, how they would love to exit the story, and even talks about who is most likely to survive a heist. Read the full interview below:

Question: What was your first reaction when you finally got to read the script for La Casa de Papel part 4, and what made you most excited about the new season?

Alvaro: What’s funny is that the production studio Vancouver Media gives you the information chapter by chapter so you wouldn’t know the whole season for the year. You cannot assess on a bigger scale on what you want to do with the character. I remember reading the first chapter, not just on this season but for every season, without knowing what will happen in the following chapter so you will just work with and be surprised with the added elements.


We only knew we wanted to bring chaos on all of them, we knew my character was gonna go down to hell because of Lisbon’s death, and using the situation inside of the bank, we wanted to see how we could dismantle the Professor — to see how we could come out of his ashes and that’s what happened.

Question: What are your similarities and differences from your character?

Alvaro: I hope to be as nerdy as the professor. I don’t think I’m as nerdy or as intelligent but I try my best. I think one of the things that I can apply to myself and I most admire about him is he is brilliant and is smart. Not emotionally speaking but just in terms of strategy and planning but nothing would work out if he didn’t work as hard as he did in so much time as he did. So it’s all about his work, and every time I start a project — whether it would be directing or playing a character, I spend a lot of time preparing and that’s the side I can relate to my character.

And the least I can relate to is how clumsy he is in social relationships. I consider myself to be a person you can be with and have a conversation with. Maybe my colleagues should answer this but I consider myself to be a normal person.

Alba: And his sense of humor!

Alvaro: And yes, my sense of humor. I have one!

Question: What was your reaction about the sudden turn of events especially to your character for Money Heist: Part 4?

Alba: The very first time I read the script, I read the two first chapters and my character wasn’t there. Alex Pina called me and told me that he wants to make a show about a heist. He said he already has a woman but needs another woman there and that he was gonna send me the script but know that my character isn’t there yet. So when I read the script the first time, I said I don’t know what I’m going to do here because it seems to be well rounded up. But of course, I wanted to be in the heist and little by little, we found out who Nairobi was.

When I read the ending of the third season and when I had to face the fate of my character, and everything that comes after in the fourth season is even harder because the stakes are higher somehow in the Bank of Spain.

Question: How does it feel to become officially part of the Money Heist family? Were you already watching the show before joining the group?

Belen: Beyond what's happened internationally, I’m especially thrilled to be in this show because I believe that this is a different story to what was already being done here. An exciting part would be the high action scenes, I also looked forward to working with Director Alex Pina and the production company Vancouver Media. I think I’m very lucky to get to do something like this, especially that it is very different from what I’ve been doing lately.

Question: What is Manila’s advantage as the newest member of the team?

Belen: Manila is the Professor’s Ace, which is a unique card. This is something you’ll have to wait and see. I can’t really say much without giving any spoilers but there will be something emotional within the character. The professor somehow puts a secret weapon that you haven’t seen yet so let’s see if it works.

Question: If you could play another character from the show, who would it be?

Alvaro: We would like to get as far away from what we are playing now as we can. The Professor seems to be reasonable, wise and focused. I would like to play Denver or Tokyo which are the most impulsive characters.

Jaime: I agree. I would like to try and maybe play the Professor who is more opposite of what I’m doing now. 

Alba: I really would like to play Arturito to be the opposite of what I’m playing now. I think he has something that he is ashamed of. And it’s a very difficult feeling to convey to an audience and it’s something I love. I think he’s the opposite of Nairobi because she is a person with dignity and I would love to try something that has absolutely without dignity.

Belen: I would go for the Professor’s character.

Question: If given the chance, how would you like to exit the story?

Alba: I would have liked to die in a more heroic way. You would have always believed that you would jump in front of a bullet and say “Nooo!” and that you will become this great hero but that isn't the case. 

Alvaro: The death that would make sense will be in a strange circumstance. We wouldn’t be 100% certain if he’s dead or not. There will be some element that makes us doubt if he’s really dead because he always has this ace card. I would kill him but for people to always have a doubt if he’s really dead or not.

Belen: I don’t want to die yet! I just came on the show so I will take longer okay? I just joined this so please give me some time.

Jaime: I wouldn’t like to die. In case I had to die, I would like to die in the right way. I’d be home with my family sleeping at night without noticing. But from a drama perspective, no, I think it would work for him to kill another person he loves, but it would have to be himself. 

I think that there's a moment in the third season when he talks with Stockholm after having some distance between them. He says you don't realize that you are my family and that if something happens to you, I would step in front of you even if I have to take in seven bullets. So I would like it to be that way — for him to be saving someone else and even in slow motion I would like it to take place.

Question: Among your co-actors, who is most likely and least likely to survive a heist?

Jaime: I don't think I would ever be in a heist. I would last longer as I never would do that.

Belen: I don’t think I’ll last because I’m not so strong.

Jaime: I just steal hearts, not money.

Alba: I can see him surviving anything! Maybe he has already performed a heist. *laughs* He has this thing that he seems to be a natural survivor.

Money Heist: Part 4 launches on Netflix on April 3, 2020. Stream the other seasons here.

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