ICYMI: Jung Hae In and Jisoo’s Upcoming New Drama ‘Snowdrop’ is Coming to Disney+ Very Soon!

+ watch the official teaser to this new K-drama here!

Are your hearts ready? We’re getting closer and closer to the premiere of Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo‘s highly-anticipated drama Snowdrop! And just yesterday, fans are treated with more exciting news about the title, with JTBC dropping the newest teaser for it and Disney+ announcing that they will officially be streaming the K-drama for its subscribers!

Watch the newest teaser here:

The 30-second teaser gives us a brief glimpse of not only the K-drama’s 1980s setting but also of Jung Hae In and Jisoo’s characters — Su Ho and Young Ro. Su Ho then says in a voiceover, “I’m sorry it’s because of me.” The teaser then switches to a series of heart-fluttering scenes, before Young Ro’s says, “I miss you. I wish I could see you just one,” while tugging on his sleeves.

The drama is set during 1987, when South Koreans were doing mass protests that would lead to the end of the authoritarian rule and the establishment of their present-day democratic government. At the center of the story is Jung Hae In’s Im Soo Ho, a graduate student who participates in a pro-democracy protest. Meanwhile, Ji Soo plays Eun Young Cho, who discovers him and hides him from the government despite the dangers of being under close surveillance.

This new drama comes from Cho Hyun Tak and Yoo Hyun Mi, who also previously worked on the hit K-drama Sky Castle. Joining the two leads here are Jang Seung Jo, Yoo In Na, Kim Hye Yoon, Yoon Se Ah, and more.


Snowdrop is scheduled to premiere on JTBC this December. Meanwhile, the Philippines has yet to get an official announcement as to when Disney+ will be available.

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Here’s Your First Look at Jisoo and Jung Hae In’s Upcoming K-Drama ‘Snowdrop’

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