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TRAVEL DIARIES: The Eras Tour Singapore: It’s Been a Long Time Coming

Whether you're a die-hard Swiftie or a casual listener, this story is for you. Join me on a journey through the magic of Taylor's music, the unforgettable Singapore leg of the Eras Tour, and a newfound appreciation for the unique ways we connect as fans.

This piece chronicles a self-proclaimed “casual Swiftie’s” unexpected trip to the Singapore leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. It delves into the beauty of finding your own way to be a fan and the unforgettable spirit of the concert experience. Get ready to sing along (or discover) why Taylor Swift’s music connects with millions!

I never considered myself a Swiftie until much later in life, even though I’ve been listening to her songs since her debut days. The reason for this is that I always believed there was a certain set of strict criteria, and I didn’t quite fit the bill. I don’t buy her albums or merch, and I don’t engage in battles with trolls online or in person to defend her honor. I even had the chance to get a concert ticket when she came to Manila for her Red Tour, but I ultimately passed, partly because it was a VIP ticket being sold at twice the price. The only thing that I have going for me is that I listen to her songs. “I’d Lie” was part of the soundtrack of my 20s and remains one of my all-time favorite songs. I never change the dial when any of her songs play on the radio. I don’t mind being late for anything as long as I get to finish watching her music video on TV or wait for it to come on because her song is still on the top 10 countdown. Ever since Spotify came along, Taylor Swift has been my top artist every single year.

When The Eras Tour was announced, my excitement soared, though I wasn’t overly optimistic about snagging a ticket. Instead, I focused on finding ways to savor the experience, even from a distance.

On the first day of the US tour, my niece Sabie and I got our nails painted to match Taylor’s, and I eagerly tuned into live streams of the shows. Taylor-centric content flooded my TikTok FYP, and I eagerly consumed it during my free moments, always showing support to fellow fans by liking their videos. Even when an international tour was announced, the overwhelming demand for tickets left me feeling uncertain. But against the odds, I managed to secure a ticket for the Singapore leg of the tour. It was pure magic. In this article, I’ll share some of that enchantment and the invaluable lessons I learned from being part of a once-in-a-lifetime moment that truly left me spellbound.

People express their fandom in various ways, and it’s important to respect that diversity. Whenever someone mentions they’re a Swiftie or they enjoy Taylor Swift, I always try to understand what kind of fan they are—not to judge, but to deepen our connection. I consider it a successful encounter if I walk away with new insights or am simply in awe of the passion they display, especially if they’re a more dedicated fan than I am. I’m always willing to share information, but I also pay attention to what would interest the person I’m speaking with. During my concert trip, I discovered that putting on a brave smile, even if you’re naturally introverted, can attract people to approach you. This valuable tip was shared with me by my friend Abba, who attended the Singapore N2 concert with her daughter, Yssa.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your own unique fandom style. As someone who considers herself somewhere in the middle of the fan spectrum, I greatly admire the diehard fans for their creativity, like when they come up with viral memes and dance steps to Taylor’s songs. I love soaking up every little tidbit of information from them.


During the concert, I opted for a basic black dress, staying true to my Rep era roots. But I couldn’t help but admire those who went all out with their outfits or costumes, representing whichever era they loved most. So, my advice? Dress up and go all out! My concert seatmate to the right was a Thai named Mei, who warned me in advance that she’s a Folklore and Evermore enthusiast and might get a bit emotional during those eras. I appreciated her honesty and made sure to hype her up when it was time for those eras during the show. It was a small gesture, but it meant a lot to both of us.

Wear those friendship bracelets! I met my first Swiftie SG friend while walking to the stadium on March 6. Erica’s mom noticed my bracelets and told her to ask me if I was going the same way. She’s from Indonesia and got tickets last minute. We ended up not just walking to the stadium together but also spending the rest of the afternoon waiting in line for our turn to buy merch. We discovered we had other common interests like F1 and both went to Jesuit schools, so now we’re IG friends.

Spread the Swiftie love in all ways possible. Though I didn’t make friendship bracelets myself, my Swiftie niece gave me a bunch of them as a birthday gift, and another friend gave me more a day before I left for Singapore. As a grateful recipient, I made sure to pay it forward. Since I’m not much of a merch person, my VIP box became a pasalubong for my niece. I told her that the VIP pin was missing because I gave it to my new Swiftie friend Erica (see “Wear Those Friendship Places” section). Initially, I gave some of the bracelets to my childhood friends who watched in Tokyo. I traded bracelets with others who were supposed to watch with me, had we all gotten tickets.

If you have the time, fully immerse yourself in the concert experience as a tourist. I went Taylor-gating on Singapore N5, a day before my actual concert date. The atmosphere outside the National Stadium was electric, but what I enjoyed even more was watching from “Cat 1000,” across the Kallang River, a tip I got from a local Swiftie’s TikTok post. I shared bracelets with the girls in the household of my friend Kar, whom I was staying with, so we could all have a complete experience. Imagine our delight when some girls approached us to trade. I was so proud of my fellow Swifties.

Recognize that not everyone likes Taylor Swift, and that’s okay. We all have different tastes, so if I come across people who aren’t interested or even those who are haters, I take it as a sign to conserve my energy for more positive encounters. However, I don’t let this deter me from engaging non-fans who express interest in joining the fun. For example, I watched The Eras Tour movie during its global premiere in Barcelona, and my friend Erika, along with her son Lucas, asked to join me. Another friend from uni, Denisse, tried her best to get me a ticket for the Australia leg, even though she’s not a fan herself. She managed to secure a ticket closer to the date via a reseller, but I opted to go to Singapore instead due to time constraints. Despite this, Denisse still attended the concert with her friends and now has a deeper appreciation for Taylor.

You can go alone and still have the time of your life. I know this from experience as I’m accustomed to doing things solo, including going to Formula One races. However, I cannot stress enough how supportive and welcoming this fandom is, so even the most introverted person like me can enjoy it. To my left that evening was Yanna, a Filipina mom of two, who felt she couldn’t miss the chance and not only went alone but also paid twice the amount for a VIP Cat 2 ticket and traveled back and forth via bus to KL on the day of the concert to save on hotel costs in Singapore. Mei (see “Do not be afraid to be the kind of fan that you are” section) got separated from her best friend, who was seated in the same ticket category but on the other side of the stadium. I had the best time of my life with them, and I never get tired of watching our videos, three strangers singing along together.

Watch it. The Europe and Canada tours are next, and what I tell people who have the means to do so is to find a way to see the concert. For Singapore, they sold additional tickets around a week before the show dates, so there’s always the possibility of obtaining one. While I watched from one of the best sections, it has been confirmed firsthand by friends who watched from different sections, higher or farther from the stage, that there are no bad seats.

To end, I’d like to give a shout-out to the biggest tour crowds in Australia. You were amazing. Den FaceTimed me during the Rep era, and boy, were you loud. To Japan, for implementing the easiest and scam-free lottery system. I say thanks even if my entry wasn’t picked because it spared so many people from the horror stories of fraud that I’ve been seeing online. And to Singapore, you did well, and while it was not perfect, I have always been amazed at how you are able to course correct right away. I went to the last show, and by then everything was smooth sailing. I may be a bit biased because I go back every year for vacation, but I can honestly say that you don’t deserve the hate you’re getting.

As we look forward to the next leg of The Eras Tour in Europe and Canada, I encourage everyone to seize the opportunity to see the concert. From Australia’s passionate crowds to Japan’s efficient ticketing system and Singapore’s resilient spirit, each stop on the tour has its own unique charm. Let’s continue spreading the Swiftie love and embracing the magic of Taylor Swift’s music wherever we go.

And speaking of magic, Taylor just dropped a brand new album, “The Tortured Poets Department“! This introspective double album explores a range of emotions, and it’s guaranteed to be another masterpiece. Don’t miss out, Swifties! Stream it on your favorite platform now!

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