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Rebirth Certificates: Empowering Trans Individuals with Name and Gender Identity Recognition

A Rebirth Certificate that recognizes your true name and gender identity.

Propel Manila, Pride@Tech, and the Philippine Financial & Inter-Industry Pride have partnered on a landmark form of documentation for trans Filipinas and Filipinos – a Rebirth Certificate that recognizes your true name and gender identity.

Available from the Virtual Statistics Office of Truth at RebirthCertificates.ph, this non-fungible token gives you ownership of who you really are. Something that the trans community in the Philippines cannot get with their Birth Certificate.

“Rebirth Certificates take a different and unique approach to how we use Web 3. This campaign enables trans people to use an NFT as a way to claim their true identity. And by minting it in the blockchain, their Rebirth Certificates will be indestructible,” explained Pat del Castillo, co-founder of Pride@Tech.

“We’re so excited to launch Rebirth Certificates,” shared Raymund Sison, Partner and Creative Chief at Propel Manila. “We’re putting tech to good use, putting the spotlight on the trans community, which is often overlooked. And we plan to get the support of more companies, so Rebirth Certificates will have a truly transformative impact to our trans community.””

Advocacy Pillar Lead of Philippine Financial & Inter-industry Pride (PFIP) Dawn Mendoza sees great practical applications for Rebirth Certificates, with the support of companies. “I see Rebirth Certificates going beyond symbolism. By integrating it into our hiring systems, trans individuals are now more visible in workplaces because their chosen name and gender identities are acknowledged.” Rebirth Certificates are available at www.RebirthCertificates.ph, starting today, June 24, 2023.


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