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How to be ready when you find love in the most unconventional places

Sparks can fly in the most unexpected experiences.

Unfortunately, most are in the rush toward their next task and often forget to look around. But when you get stuck in the most unconventional places, you might get to meet someone and get closer with them.

Stuck in the Elevator

Did you know the odds of being stuck in an elevator are 1 in every 100,000? The odds of being stuck with someone who’s your type, however, might be a little higher.

But if that does happen, first: don’t panic. You’re in a closed space so With more than 8 billion people in the world, there’s no shortage of potential love interests.

make the most of it, especially if you’re alone together. Keep the conversations light to get closer and once help comes, don’t forget to get their contact details!


During Overtime

Romance in the workplace is not something new. But so is stress-bonding when you and your office crush are both stuck in the same building to meet deadlines.

Make the move and get close by offering to buy dinner for both of you and take advantage of that by taking a break together.

In the Middle of Traffic

Filipinos in the metro lose approximately a week being stuck in traffic, leaving less time for most to go to work, have fun, or find the opportunity to meet someone.

Which is why on Valentine’s Day, closeup partnered with ride-hailing app JoyRide to launch #RideCloser, where free carpool rides were given to commuters.

Couples were paired according to their drop-off points, age, and personal preferences for a better chance to create AMA-ZINC moments and get closer while en route to their chosen destination. With icebreakers and fun Valentine-themed activities inside the car, most couples were able to hit it off right away and get closer!

Brent Manalo, the up-and-coming actor, model, vlogger, and everyone’s crush today, joined the activation and gave a lucky individual the opportunity to get closer with him despite the traffic! On his most recent Instagram post, Brent shared how he and his blind date “had so many things to talk about.” Brent even shared a selfie with her on his Instagram showing the pair enjoying their ride to Trinoma.

Through this partnership, closeup and JoyRide proved that romantic sparks can be found anywhere, even in the most unconventional spaces.

Which is why it is best to be prepared for those unexpected moments by using closeup, with Antibacterial Zinc, which blasts away 99.9% of bacteria to give you all day AMA-ZINC fresh breath (based on lab test, for up to 12 hours with regular use). When you have AMA-ZINC fresh breath, nothing will stop you from finding your meet-cute and getting closer!

Visit closeup and JoyRide’s social media pages to view what happened during the #RideCloser free carpool blind rides!

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