Vogue Philippines is Set to Launch This Year

It arrives in print and online this September!

Vogue, the international fashion and lifestyle magazine is finally arriving here in the Philippines this 2022! Publisher Condé Nast and Mega Global Licensing, Inc (MGLI) are set to launch Vogue Philippines‘ monthly print, digital, and social media platforms this September.

“We’re thrilled to launch our 29th edition of Vogue in the Philippines, a country with a growing luxury fashion market and a vibrant creative scene,” stated Markus Grindel, Managing Director for Global Brand Licensing at Condé Nast. “The title will launch as a digital-first media brand with a monthly print edition and will serve as an exciting addition to our global Vogue network.”

According to Mega’s announcement on their website, the arrival of the English-language Filipino edition of Vogue “also signals the Philippines’ ascent as a key player in the international fashion and luxury scene.” As for who will be behind the upcoming magazine, Mega will be revealing the Vogue Philippines team in the coming months.

“The Filipino talent has been ready to be received by the world for decades now and with certainty, I can say that the market, too, is finally ready. The two are meeting at the perfect juncture, at the perfect time, and the long wait is over. We are excited to announce the arrival of Vogue Philippines,” says Archie Carrasco, Chairman and CEO of MEGA Global Licensing, Inc.

For the latest updates, follow Vogue Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.


Homestream image from the Mega website.

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