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8 Relaxing iOS and Android Games That Will Help You De-stress

Stay calm and give yourself a break by playing these mobile games!

If you find yourself stressing over your hectic life that’s packed with work or school requirements, maybe it’s time to step back, breathe, and give yourself a break. Thanks to technology, pampering yourself with a relaxing ‘Me Time’ is just a few taps away. Aside from apps that can aid your meditation, there are also games that can help you de-stress and be entertained at the same time.

On this list, we’ve rounded up eight such mobile games so you could always have a calming game time whenever you reach out for your smartphone.

I Love Hue Too

Android | iOS (Free)

This lovely game is simple yet super satisfying. Each level has these beautiful shapes with colors that follow certain patterns. Some of the colors have been jumbled and your job is to switch their places to retrieve the harmony of the colors.

Pack Master

Android | iOS (Free)


If organizing soothes you à la Monica Geller, then you should check out this mobile game. All you have to do is fit a variety of items into bags of all shapes and sizes. As you travel to different countries in the game, you also get new types of items to pack, making the game feel less repetitive.

Kami 2

Android | iOS (Free)

This chill puzzle game simply challenges the player to fill the screen with a single color in a certain amount of moves. What really makes it mesmerizing is that it is presented in paperlike texture, and the way a color floods the screen is through folding like origami. Players can also create their own puzzles and share them for everyone to try.

Cessabit: The Calming Game

Android (P53) | iOS (P99)

Cessabit is a memory game where you are presented with a series of beautiful, interactive illustrations in a charming vector style. After taking everything in, you will need to answer multiple-choice questions regarding the image and its elements. There are no punishments for wrong answers and you can always look at the photo and interact with it more to reveal the hidden answers.

Smash Hit

Android | iOS (Free)

This game gets more challenging the further you progress so it may not be that relaxing for some players. But with its simple mechanics and the fact that you’re continuously smashing glass figures, it feels like this game really helps in releasing that stress.

Alto’s Adventure

Android | iOS (Free)

A side-scrolling, endless runner ( or in this case, skier) game, Alto’s Adventure stands out from other games under the same genre with its chill music and aesthetic. Just enjoy a relaxing and fun journey with lovely, minimalist sceneries as the backdrop.

Monument Valley 2

Android (P249) | iOS (P249)

This vibrant puzzle game has beautiful visuals similar to Alto’s Adventure. This time, you guide a mother and child as they travel through stunning geometric structures by manipulating their architecture.

Stardew Valley

Android (P250) | iOS (P235)

There is something truly relaxing when you’re virtually sowing seeds, watering them every day, and seeing your crops be ready for harvesting. Stardew Valley captures the calming magic of the farming sim that was first popularized by the Harvest Moon games of our childhood.

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