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You Can Now Host a Long Distance Netflix Party With Friends on Your Laptop!

Install this Google Chrome extension so you can start a Netflix Party and online group chat -- for free!

Quarantine and social distance can make one quite lonesome, as even little joys like inviting friends over for a Netflix binge-night is something we sorely miss.

Well, we've discovered a super awesome alternative that now lets you host a Netflix Party right in your own browsers, and invites your friends for a group chat while your favorite movie or series simultaneously plays on your screens, no matter how far apart you are! 

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Netflix Party is a free Google Chrome extension you can install in your web browser so that you can watch Netflix with friends online — all you'll need is a) your own Netflix account and b) the Netfilx Party extension installed in Google Chrome on your desktop or laptop.

The extension lets you sync with whoever you share the viewing party link to, allowing you to watch whatever Netflix content you want to stream and share with your friends, and on top of that, adds a group chat so you can talk to everyone as you enjoy the movie or series currently playing on your browser.

Here's how you can host your long distance Netflix streaming party right from your own home to your friends and family:


1) Open your Google Chrome browser and Install Netflix Party by heading to Click 'Install Netflix Party' or go to this link which directs you to the Chrome Web Store. 'Add to Chrome' to finish installing the extension. (Note: Netflix Party is only available via Google Chrome) 

2) Log-on to Netflix on your browser and select a show you want to watch and share for your Netflix viewing party. Start playing the video from the Netflix website. 

3) Create your party by clicking on the 'NP' icon located next to the address bar of Google Chrome. Click 'Start Party' and share the party URL to invite friends.

4) Make sure to tell everyone you're planning to invite to your Netflix Party to also install the extension on their browser, and to log in to their own Netflix accounts so they can join your viewing party! You can also host Netflix content that is available in your region, and your viewing guests can access Netflix content available in their region. 

5) To join a party, users simply click on the party URL, which brings them to Netflix's website. Click on the "NP" button next to the address bar, and this should automatically let users join the party.

6) Your viewing party is now live and everyone can now chat with each other as you stream the show! Users can customize their chat icons and add their usernames to make the group chat experience better. The Netflix Party host can also pause and play the shows anytime they like, and this will automatically sync with everyone joining in the party.

Time to get the Netflix Party started! Have fun taking turns on hosting your viewing parties, and schedule with your friends which K-drama and original series you want to watch together. Here are some Netflix binge-watch suggestions for your first Netflix Party:



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