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The Rise of Podfluencers: Shaping the Philippine Podcast Landscape on Spotify

In the past half-decade, the Philippines has witnessed a significant surge in the popularity of podcasts, transforming this digital platform into a cultural phenomenon. The rapid expansion of podcasting on Spotify has not only introduced a diverse array of content but also given rise to a new breed of influencers: the “podfluencers”. As of now, the number of podcasters in the Philippines has increased more than tenfold in just five years, a clear indicator of this burgeoning trend.

A New Era of Influence

Podcasting’s exponential growth on Spotify reflects a shifting landscape where traditional media is being complemented by more personalized and direct forms of communication. Filipino podfluencers are at the forefront, capturing 72% of all podcast consumption in the country. This local dominance is a testament to their ability to resonate deeply with Filipino audiences.

James Caraan, one-fifth of The KoolPals, a leading comedy podcast on Spotify, shares his experience: “Spotify has been a big help in enabling us to reach a wider audience. Spotify not only made podcasting accessible to more Filipinos, but it also took us to another level of “funny”. Podcasting made our jokes resonate with more comedy fans, enabling us to reach those searching for alternative forms of entertainment.” The KoolPals have grown almost 2.5 times from the past year, and even saw a successful turnout of nearly 1,500 fans, as they celebrated their fifth anniversary in May. 

Diverse Voices, Diverse Topics

The growth of podcasting has also been fueled by its ability to embrace a wide range of topics and perspectives. From gripping discussions on current events to lighter takes on everyday life, podcasts are increasingly seen as a credible alternative to traditional media. According to Spotify’s latest Culture Next Report, nearly two-thirds of listeners find podcasts more trustworthy, primarily because they represent a broader spectrum of voices and viewpoints.

Creators like Gift Boiser and Nicole Andersson are prime examples of podfluencers who are diversifying the content landscape. Gift’s podcast, named Spotify Philippines’ Top New Solo Podcast of 2023, connects with young audiences on a personal level, discussing everything from school life to romance. “It makes me feel fulfilled reading messages from my listeners saying they can relate to the topics and stories I share. It’s fascinating to know people are going through similar experiences as me. I want my listeners to feel like I’m their friend whom they can casually chat with about anything — school, friendship, our crushes, and more,” says Boiser.


Meanwhile, Nicole Andersson, one of the OG fashion bloggers in the country, has ventured into podcasting with her show Solo Flight Podcast. Not a stranger to sharing bits and pieces of herself online, Nicole now extends her platform to a more intimate audio format, engaging her audience in conversations beyond fashion. “Many of my viewers from my vlog have been urging me to start a podcast, but I never felt ready — until now. This year, I have finally launched my podcast, sharing conversations I find healing, with the hope of helping others. Podcasting allows me to be more vulnerable and delve into topics on a deeper level, unlike other platforms where conversations feel rushed,” Nicole Andersson shares.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Philippine Podcasting

As we usher in this new era of podcasting, it’s clear that creators on Spotify are not just participating in culture but actively driving it. Their deeply engaged audiences are a testament to the compelling nature of their content and the personal connections they foster.

For those eager to dive deeper into the dynamic world of Filipino podcasting, stay tuned to Spotify’s For The Record: Podcasts for the latest updates and insights.

As the podcast landscape continues to evolve, listeners are encouraged to explore the rich tapestry of content available. Whether you’re looking for comedy, deep dives into socio-political issues, or just a friendly voice discussing day-to-day life, the Philippine podcast scene has something for everyone.

What’s your favorite Filipino podcast? Share with us and discover more engaging content right here on ClickTheCity!

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