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Experience Innovation: ASUS ExpertBook B5 Business Laptops Hit the Market

Discover the latest ASUS ExpertBook B5 series, designed to empower Filipino professionals with cutting-edge technology, enhanced security, and unmatched mobility. Learn more about these ultralight laptops tailored for the modern workforce!

ASUS Philippines has just unveiled its newest offerings in the laptop arena: the ExpertBook B5 (B5404) and ExpertBook B5 (B5604). These sleek ultralight laptops, available in 14-inch and 16-inch variants respectively, are engineered to cater to the evolving needs of Filipino professionals seeking innovation, efficiency, and mobility in their work lives.

Innovative Performance for the Modern Expert

Powered by the latest AI-ready Intel Core Ultra processors and offering optional NVIDIA graphics, the ExpertBook B5 series guarantees seamless multitasking and superior performance across a spectrum of business applications. Whether you’re crunching numbers, drafting proposals, or diving into creative projects, these laptops ensure you stay ahead of the curve with their lightning-fast responsiveness and unparalleled efficiency.

“We are excited to introduce the ExpertBook B5 (B5404) and ExpertBook B5 (B5604) to the Philippine market,” said George Su, Country Manager of ASUS Philippines. “These new models represent the next generation of business laptops, combining cutting-edge technology with enterprise-grade security and mobility features to meet the diverse needs of modern professionals.”

A Focus on Productivity, Security, and Mobility

Expertbook B5 (B5404) and Expertbook B5 (B5604): Modern Solutions for the Modern Professional 

Ready for every productivity need, the ExpertBook B5 series utilizes Intel’s newest AI architecture to deliver the best performance and cutting-edge security features. With the ExpertBook B5 series’ AI-powered camera enhancements and noise-cancelling capabilities, users can enjoy productive, uninterrupted meetings and optimized audiovisual experiences.


Designed for an expert’s peace of mind, the series also features enterprise-grade security and manageability – offering multiple login options, including fingerprint sensors and optional smart card readers – ensuring robust multi-factor authentication for enhanced data protection. ASUS also provides comprehensive IT management solutions, such as the ASUS Endpoint Management Service (AEMS) and ASUS Pre-Deployment Service (APDS), to simplify device management and ensure seamless remote-work experiences.

With smart multitasking in mind, embedded in the ExpertBook B5 (B5404) and ExpertBook B5 (B5604)’s ultralight all-metal chassis and military-grade durability is the capacity to withstand the rigors of mobile computing. Long battery life, fast-charging technology, and advanced connectivity options, including WiFi 7 and optional 4G LTE support, ensure that professionals can stay productive wherever they go.

Warranty and Support

ASUS stands behind the ExpertBook B5 series with its commitment to quality and service excellence. These laptops undergo rigorous testing to meet military-grade US MIL-STD-810H standards for exceptional durability. Additionally, ASUS offers comprehensive 4A Quality and Service and free standard comprehensive warranty packages, including three-year international warranty coverage, accidental damage protection, and optional premium add-ons, ensuring your investment is safeguarded every step of the way.

Availability & Pricing

The ASUS ExpertBook B5 series will hit the Philippine market in March 2024, poised to revolutionize the way Filipino professionals work and thrive. Talk to our Experts here to know more about these new ExpertBook laptops and see why these new product solutions are ready to keep up with the growing modern workforce. 

For additional details on the ExpertBook B5 series and other ASUS business solutions, visit the ASUS Business website and connect with ASUS Business on Facebook.

With the ASUS ExpertBook B5 series, ASUS Philippines brings a game-changing lineup of laptops designed to elevate productivity, enhance security, and redefine mobility for Filipino professionals. Are you ready to unlock your full potential?

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