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0917 Lifestyle Offers New Products & Experiences for All the Lives you Live

To make their products more accessible for their consumers, 0917 has recently opened an independent pop-up store in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig.

The progressive urban brand 0917, through offering tech-driven products and retail merchandise, is able to give consumers new experiences that bridge their online and offline lives. Aside from offering high quality products in technology and fashion, 0917 also focuses on empowering individuals to pursue their passions, cultivate self-expression, and nurture their life connections. 

While 0917 can trace its roots back to Globe, it has since expanded and come into its own, becoming an advocate for individuals to seek and chase their passions. 0917 is an extension of one’s personality, which seeks to encourage individuals to express things that they truly care about, whether it’s music, travel, arts, entertainment and self-expression while nurturing connections to bridge the gap between their lives offline and online. 

“We believe that 0917 can be the brand that represents our digital lifestyle,” says Ms. Gladys Rojas, Head of 0917 Lifestyle.

Among the products offered by 0917 are basic gadgets for everyday living, portable tech for people on the go, and upgraded gadgets catering to professionals and casual gamers. Aside from devices, 0917 also offers apparel, from collections under the 0917 house brand to collaborations made with top partners and talented artists. 0917 has already collaborated with some of the world’s most recognizable brands like SM Entertainment, Disney, Marvel, Nickelodeon, MTV, and more. 

To make their products more accessible for their consumers, 0917 has recently opened an independent pop up store in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig. Aside from the experiential retail store, the products are also available on, Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, Globe stores, and other retail channels that the brand continues to open. 0917 has also tapped brand ambassadors to represent their different passion points, namely: model, actress, and host Lauren Reid for Fashion, DJ Mike Lavarez for Music, photographer Andrei Suleik for Art and Photography, and Renzie Barcelo, also known as Doc Z Gaming, for Streaming and Gaming. 


“0917’s aim is to continuously identify and address the needs and wants of various subcultures. This gives us confidence that the products we provide really help bridge online and offline life,” says Mr. Rocko Ogsimer, Head of Marketing for 0917 Lifestyle.

0917 Lifestyle also affirms its connections with art, design, and creativity while staying true to their roots with the launch of its newest collection: 0917 Connected. The collection aims to bridge the gap between an individual’s online and offline life, a nod to the idea of connection and a celebration of evolution. This collection returns the brand to its roots while also introducing new variations and opening new directions. 

“0917 Connected is an ode to our evolution from an analog to a digital lifestyle, something that we want to show is an integral part of 0917’s core being,” says Mr. Heinritzh Sales, Head of Creatives for 0917 Lifestyle.
For more information about 0917 Lifestyle, visit their pages on Facebook,Instagram,Tiktok, Twitter and use their official hashtag #0917lifestyle #WeAre0917.

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