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Cesa is all about capturing the “ah-ha” moment whenever you find that certain item you are looking for. It is that the reaction of our customers that encourage us to design and create fashionable yet functional beachwear. The Cesa name is also a representation of the roots of the designer. The word Cesa, from the native tongue of the designer simly means clothing. It is with these two characterizations of Cesa that the designer was able to envision and bring upon the concept of a perfect (beach) clothing.
Cesa made its debut in February 2012 in the Brasili fashion show in Rockwell. Even with a couple of swimsuits and cover-ups, the event was a success for Cesa and it lead to the creation of the brand’s first beach collection in April 2012. Cesa’s design aesthetics and motto is to create pieces that are organic, vibrant, and embodies the bohemian personality of freedom and fluidity. The main inspiration being that of nature and of the beauty of mundane things like feathers, sailboats, and even ribbons. Cesa also remains true to its Filipino roots with its collection, all of which are designed and made in the Philippine islands. A feat that not only ensures quality but also originality.
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