8 Must-Order Items If You’re Obsessed with Retro Aesthetics

Cassette tapes, Polaroid cameras, and typewriters are just some of the things that we still find aesthetically pleasing to this day!

The retro aesthetic continues to prove that it’s a timeless trend, having reappeared in today’s fashion, style, and through the many forms of media such as films and TV shows. Unlike today’s technology and designs that thrive by being minimal and compact, the things of the past do not shy away from having those punchy colors and bulky analog bodies. And while their functions might have become outdated, we can’t help but still love how their look remains to be full of life, personality, and nostalgia!

If you’re a fan of the past and the retro things that try to recreate it, here’s a list for you! We’ve rounded up some must-order items online that are equipped with a retro vibe!

90s Pins from Common Room PH (P75)

Photo: Commonroom PH website

If the 90s has a special place in your heart, then these cute and colorful pins are the perfect trinkets for your bags, clothing, or just wherever you want to put ’em. They come in three designs– the VHS, mixtape, and Game Boy, all of which can make us remember the simpler days of our younger years before advanced technology took over.

Get it here.

Polaroid Camera AirPods Case (P179)

Photo: kentaDD on Lazada

Before we had the nifty cameras combined with our smartphones, in the good old days we had the Polaroid. Now you can protect your AirPods and make it even cuter with this AirPods case that’s made to look like a retro camera! It is available for the AirPods 1 and 2, and it comes in Apricot green and Antique white colors.


Get it here.

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Pompoms Resin Figure from Aloud Space Lab (P1,200)

Photo: Aloud Space Lab on Facebook

Known for making bootleg toys that are very Pinoy, Aloud Space Lab has collaborated with Pompoms to bring us a cute resin figure of its blue pig mascot. This novelty item will be a great piece of nostalgia for everyone who grew up loving the snack.

Pre-order here.

Retro Bluetooth Speaker from Senda (P644)

Photo: Ziepk on Shopee

These cute Bluetooth speakers designed to look like mini vintage record players are sure to add that dash of retro aesthetic to your room. Not only that, the design also mimics a record player as the disc on top of the device would rotate whenever the speaker is playing music.

Get it here.

Pixel Art Speaker from Divoom (P4,650)

Photo: Divoom PH on Shopee

Here’s another Bluetooth speaker that brings a different retro look to your room. The Pixel Art Speakers from Divoom come with small monitors that can project cute pixel art that you can customize yourself with the Divoom app! Their store also offers different designs and colors that you can choose from.

Get it here.

Telephone Booth Coin Bank (P336)

Photo: maming12.ph on Shopee

The shiny red telephone booths of London can now be part of your room as a décor that doubles as a coin bank! This mini telephone booth made of metal and plastic ‘windows’ can hold your extra coins while adding that vintage feel to your space.

Get it here.

Retro Bluetooth Keyboard from Fineday (P4,300)

Photo: Foshinesun on Lazada

Do you miss the sound and feel of the typewriter on a rainy day? Maybe you’d like to check out this keyboard from Fineday, which combines the old reliable typewriter with today’s backlit keyboard! It even comes with a silver lever on the side that really gives it the retro feel.

Get it here.

Steampunk Study Table Lamp (P940 – P1,435)

Photo: Clifton Guitars on Shopee

If you love the look of Fineday’s Bluetooth keyboard, then here are lamps that would go perfectly on your workspace at home! Each steampunk lamp is made with durable metal and comes with an antique matte black & brass gold finish that looks formal and unique at the same time. You also have six designs to choose from!

Get it here.

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