Add to Cart: 8 Cute Products for Your Kawaii Workspace

If you want a cute workspace at home, then check out these kawaii stationery and desk accessories!

For over a year now, our homes have become our offices and learning spaces. And with the time we’ve been spending on our desks, working or attending classes through a propped-up laptop or PC, many of us have seen how a workspace we can personalize somehow boosts our motivation for productivity. Some like the minimalist aesthetic, others want it to be awash with vibrant colors, and some want it filled with everything cute! If you’re leaning on that last one, then this list is for you!

Below are some stationery and desk accessories you can order online if you’re obsessed with the cute things in life!

Cute Paper Clips/Bookmarks from Mohamm (Php12)

Photo: on Shopee

We all know that feeling: piles of documents or modules may seem daunting at first but with a little organizing, it becomes a little bit easier to digest. These cute paper clips which also double as bookmarks, will not only help you organize your papers, they also add cuteness to your files, making your papers more attractive to work on. You can choose or collect its different designs including an avocado, strawberry, flowers, and more.

Get it here.

Cats in Carton Boxes Sticky Note Pads (Php18)

Photo: on Shopee

For those who love cats, perhaps these are the purr-fect sticky notes for you! These 3D pads of sticky notes are designed to look like cats in their favorite hangout place– boxes! Some might find its size a bit too small for their liking, but if you’re in for the cuteness, then this is definitely worth that add-to-cart.


Get it here.

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Animal Note Holders from FUTURE (Php53)

Photo: on Shopee

If you need more options to remind yourself of your to-do list, then here are some cute note holders for your desk. These animal note holders are small resin figures with star-shaped clips on top to hold notes, photos, or those motivational cards we just love looking at on our desks. They come in six different designs: frog, unicorn, deer, fox, koala, and pig.

Get it here.

Emoji Clock from CloudHome (Php580 – Php735)

Photo: CloudHome on Shopee

Here’s another cute desk accessory that you might want to add to cart. This Emoji Clock is an alarm clock and an adjustable night light in one, which also has a pair of digital eyes that changes when you give it a tap or a shake. It comes in two variants, the regular version and the enhanced version, with the latter being equipped with additional features such as a voice-activated night light and temperature display.

Get it here.

Mini Desktop Vacuum from (Php375)

Photo: Uraliffe on Shopee

Keep your workspace tidy with the help of this cute mini vacuum from Urallife. Another cat-inspired tool, this item is a handy companion for cleaning pencil and eraser shavings, small pieces of paper, and dust from your workspace in a jiffy, so you can focus more on your work. This mini vacuum comes in pink and black & white colors.

Get it here.

Cat Paw Mousepad from Onikuma (Php499)

Photo: Onikuma on Lazada

Keep your wrist comfortable when working with the computer for long durations through this mousepad that comes with a soft cushion for your wrist. Of course, its kawaii-ness comes from its design, which is a huge cat paw with the paw pads serving as the wrist cushion. It comes in five different colors so you can choose which one suits your workplace the best.

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Pawsome Penholder from Papemelroti (Php159)

Photo: Papemelroti on Lazada

Get inspired to be awesome whenever you pick up your pen from Papemelroti’s Pawsome Penholder, featuring adorable and whimsical illustrations of cats and dogs. The penholder is made from recycled wood with a matte finish and is handcrafted here in the Philippines, so you’re also supporting our local products when you purchase this cute desk accessory!

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We Bare Bears Waste Bin from Miniso (Php119)

Photo: Miniso website

To keep your workspace clean all the time, having a trash bin within reach is a must. But waste bins don’t have to be boring just because they carry trash. In fact, they could also add a dash of cuteness to your workspace! At Miniso, you could purchase waste bins designed with the familiar cuddly siblings of We Bare Bears. Choose from the three designs that feature Grizzly, Ice Bear, and Panda.

Get it here.

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