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13th-month pay underway? Sa GCash, Gets Agad ang priorities for the holidays!

Make the most of your 13th-month pay with GCash’s Gets Agad tips for the holidays.

Filipinos really know how to turn Christmas into a dazzling celebration that’s hard to beat anywhere else in the world. As the “ber” months roll in, they eagerly await the twinkling lights, festive parties, heartwarming reunions, and the endless exchange of gifts among family, friends, and the whole community. And let’s not forget the icing on the holiday cake– the much-awaited 13th-month pay, a sweet bonus that adds a special cheer to the holiday season.

The much-awaited Christmas bonus brings not only a sigh of relief but also the promise of making our holiday wishes come true. But amid the joyful chaos, it’s easy to let the excitement of the moment overshadow our financial sensibilities. In the blink of an eye and once the holiday haze fades, the once joyful occasion can quickly turn into a source of stress and worry if people are carried away with their spontaneous spending.

But fear not, for the holidays can be made better not bitter with GCash’s 3Ps budgeting tips para ‘gets agad!’ ang priorities for your 13th-month pay:


End the year without baggage – financial baggage, that is! Use your bonus as an opportunity to clear all your existing debts and bills to have a better view of how much funds you have left to celebrate the holidays and start the new year with a clean slate.

Pro tip: When paying those debts and bills, why not use GCash’s Send Money or Bank Transfer and Pay Bills features for a more convenient and secure way of letting go of all that baggage! 


Filipinos are always up for good food and even greater parties, and Christmas is no exception. It wouldn’t be Paskong Pinoy if there wasn’t any ‘handa’ on the table, which is why it’s very important to set aside a budget to plan the perfect Noche Buena for you and your loved ones.

Pro tip: To have the perfect Noche Buena, plan ahead of time what dishes you want to prepare and plan to buy. For less hassle and worry-free shopping, you can also use Webpay/Pay QR to help you not only bring those delicious dishes to the table but also throw a festivity that is equally memorable and merry!


Christmas is the season of giving, and nothing says  “deserve!” more than giving and receiving gifts, especially for Filipinos. To make sure you don’t deplete your bonus, all you have to do is to make a list of who you’ll be giving gifts to, set a budget for each person on your list and monitor using budget trackers.

While you enjoy listing those names, don’t forget to include yourself! Give yourself the gifts you deserve: shop, travel, dine, and so much more!

Pro tip: When shopping for gifts, especially online, do you know that you can use GCash as a payment method? You can also pay via QR in over 70,000 stores nationwide and use it to send cash gifts through Send Money, for a more personal touch through the specialized themes and Send Gift for a short and sweet message. 

And if there are leftovers to your bonuses, why not do yourself a favor and start a high-interest savings account with GSave to get you financially prepped and ready for the upcoming year? 

By embracing the easy and ‘gets agad’ 3Ps of budgeting, you can not only navigate the holiday season with confidence but also ensure that the joy of the season extends far beyond the festivities. By following these tips, you can avoid the pitfalls of overspending and emerge from the holidays as a financially responsible adult.

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