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Tote Life: 8 Online Shops To Check Out For Your Next Favorite Tote Bag

If you’re the kind who wants to have something you can bring when you go out for your errands — may it be for grocery shopping or just for a coffee day out with friends — something that you definitely must have is a good and trusty tote bag. These bags are incredibly versatile, come in different designs and materials, and are usually large enough to carry all your essentials, while still having more room for the stuff you end up buying on a whim!

Luckily, there are many shops online right now that offer tote bags of various styles, materials, and sizes, so you can surely find something that fits your taste and your needs. Below, we’re listing down 8 shops you can check out right now for your next favorite tote bag:


Leather Tote Bag with Sling (Buy 1 Take1 for P999)

For tote bags you can bring with you to the office, you can check out Straightforward, which offers a variety of tote bags of different styles and sizes. These are all made from vegan leather, so it’s guaranteed to be cruelty-free, durable, and water-resistant. These are also made to last for years, perfect if you’re the kind who’s looking for something you can use for a longer time.

Get it here.

Stuff Happens Studio

Stuff Happens Studio’s Convertible Bag {1450)

If a larger tote bag is what you need, then you can definitely check out Stuff Happens Studio’s Convertible Bag. This is made from thick canvas, comes in both neutral and playful colors, and also features many pockets for your gadgets, pens, and other stuff. What makes this bag unique is how it’s a three-way bag, making you able to convert it to a handbag, shoulder bag, and even a backpack!


Get it here.

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Adara Tote (P749)

For a tote bag that feels a bit more unique, there’s élan, which offers round tote bags that come in black and white. These are made of canvas, and are big enough to store your everyday items when you go to the groceries or to run errands somewhere else!

Get it here.

Lori Studios

Natalia Tote (P390)

Another shop you can check out for ~aesthetic~ round totes is Lori Studios. Their bags all have internal and external pockets, so you can easily dig for your keys and other smaller belongings without it getting lost in a deep pit! If you’re not a fan of round totes, though, you can also check out their U-Shaped Tote Bag for a more classic look.

Get it here.

Badass Tote Girl

Casual Tote (P795)

If you’re one who likes to have a lot of styles and colors to choose from for your next go-to everyday bag, there’s Badass Tote Girl, which has everything, from smaller sling bags for brunch dates to the bigger ones that can carry everything you’re planning to bring with you on your regular office day or on your weekend trips. They also have designs for the “Badass Tote Guys,” which come in a more neutral palette.

Aside from tote bags, the shop also offers micro pouches, cardholders, and travel pouches for those who like to keep their belongings organized.

Get it here.

Afternoon Fridays


Want your tote bag minimalistic? Check out Afternoon Fridays’ UT:CARRYALL, a multi-purpose bag that’s simple, gender-neutral, and functional. What makes this bag unique from the other ones on the list is how it features a drawstring to keep your items safe and secure when outside. It comes in 2 sizes and is made with water-resistant fabric, and is safe to sanitize with alcohol and wash on a regular basis.

​Get it here.


Escolta White Tote Bag (P299)

Those who want their tote bags to subtly express how much they miss their favorite tambayan or travel destinations can check out Souist’s catalog. Their bags are all made of canvas and are all big and spacious enough to carry your essentials and all the other things you end up buying while out at the mall.

Get it here.


Artwork’s I Support You, Friend Tote (P249)

Another brand that is known for their statement items is Artwork. And aside from their shirts and pouches, the brand also offers quite a variety of tote bags, giving you a lot of options until you find the one that matches your style and personality. Their bags, which are usually made of cotton canvas, are big enough to carry all your abubot and have a velcro closure to keep them all safe and secure.

Get it here.

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