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Terrifying Prank at The Grove: ‘Tarot’ Movie Unveils Monsters in Real-Time Scare

Watch as unsuspecting moviegoers at The Grove in Los Angeles get pranked by the monsters of "Tarot" bursting from behind seemingly ordinary movie posters. Delve into the behind-the-scenes terror with director-writers Anna Halberg and Spenser Cohen. Coming soon to Philippine cinemas on May 1!

In an inventive promotion for the upcoming horror film “Tarot,” fans at The Grove in Los Angeles witnessed their nightmares spring to life. During a meticulously orchestrated prank, monsters from the film emerged from behind everyday movie posters, catching moviegoers completely off guard. The reactions, ranging from startled screams to nervous laughter, were captured in a must-see featurette titled “Theater Scare Prank.”

A Terrifying Collaboration

Tarot,” penned and directed by the dynamic duo Anna Halberg and Spenser Cohen, explores the eerie and enthralling world of tarot cards. Their collaboration began with a shared goal to frighten not just their audience but each other. “That’s when we know that something is working,” Halberg says. “If we go like, ‘Oh gosh, that’s horrifying!!’ Then we’re like, ‘Yeah, let’s do that!,” Halberg shared during a recent interview.

The duo enlisted renowned horror illustrator Trevor Henderson, known for his viral creations like Siren Head, to bring the film’s monstrous visions to life. “We’re huge fans of Trevor Henderson, who’s an amazing artist that we follow on Instagram; we reached out to him and asked him to be the sole designer of all the creatures in the film,” says Cohen. “When we had the concept to bring the tarot cards to life, we knew we needed to bring these iconic cards—The Magician, The Devil, Death—to life in a way that would be the stuff of nightmares and in a way that no one had ever seen before.”

Art Meets Horror

To integrate these designs into the film’s tarot deck, graphic designer Richard Wells was brought on board. Wells worked to maintain the essence of Henderson’s terrifying creatures while adapting them for the tarot cards. “The great Trevor Henderson had already designed the monsters when I came on board,” says Wells. “My task was to retain the essence of his designs, but configure them into a form that would work for the tarot cards. In some cases, like the Hermit, that meant illustrating a setting for the character, emerging from a tunnel holding his lantern. In other cases, I gave some extra drama—like the Death card, having it stand in a landscape of skulls.” Wells explained.

Filming in the Heart of Serbia

The choice of Serbia as the filming location added an extra layer of authenticity and grandeur to “Tarot.” “[Serbia] allowed us to film in incredible locations that we probably wouldn’t have access to anywhere else,” says Cohen. “We closed down a bridge that looks like it should have been in a Mission: Impossible movie—that’s how big it is; it connects two parts of the country. We were able to close it down for two nights to shoot an incredible sequence on it. It was Serbia’s excitement at having us there that afforded us the ability to do that.” Cohen remarked.


Mark Your Calendars

Tarot” is set to premiere in Philippine cinemas on May 1st. As the release date approaches, anticipation builds for this blend of classic horror and innovative filmmaking. The film stars a talented ensemble cast including Harriet Slate, Adain Bradley, and Jacob Batalon, and promises to deliver a thrilling cinematic experience.

Don’t miss “Tarot,” where fate is not just a card away – it’s a scream away. Connect with the film using the hashtag #TarotMovie.

About “Tarot”

In “Tarot,” a group of friends defy the sacred rule of tarot readings – never use someone else’s deck – and inadvertently release an evil beyond their wildest imaginations. As they face their destinies, they must outrun the grim future foretold by the cursed cards. This gripping tale of suspense and horror will pull you to the edge of your seat and leave you there, breathless and awaiting your fate.

Directed by Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg, and produced by Leslie Morgenstein and Elysa Koplovitz Dutton, “Tarot” invites audiences to flirt with fate and explore the dark corners of the unknown.

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