Vic Albornoz Lactaoen

Vic Albornoz Lactaoen has been traveling throughout Southeast Asia for the last twelve years, and has brought him to travel extensively within the region as part of his consultancy work and on some instances -- vacations. According to Vic, Laos is one of those countries in the region that has been overlooked even by the most intrepid travelers. He first went to Laos as part of an Indonesian business delegation to look at investment prospects and to inaugurate a paper mill. After that first visit, Vic has been back to one of the poorest countries in the world several times -- visiting other cultural sites like Lao Prabang and Wat Phu -- a Hindu-Buddhist complex in Southern Lao. Aside from his visits to Laos, Vic is currently finishing a Southeast Asian Travelogue, aptly called -- Wish You Were Here -- Travels in Southeast Asia, to be published very soon. Vic currently works as a freelance travel writer for several major dailies and SMILE, Cebu's inflight magazine, and for Click The City's travel section. He also provides guided tours, having toured no less than Melissa Gates of Microsoft on a shopping trip around Jakarta, Indonesia.

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