Academy award-winning actress, Anne Hathaway, controversial, versatile, tragic-comedienne performer has become well-known in the international cinema, more so, revered by her colleagues and contemporaries due to her coterie of unusual, light and heavy roles.

In her current movie project entitled, “Colossal,” Anne Hathaway plays Gloria, a woman faced with sentimental and professional failure who seeks refuge in the town where she grew up, a situation that puts her in an even deeper hole. In the first half of the film, Gloria meets Oscar, a childhood friend, who becomes a source of financial and emotional support. Many in the audience will come to think this is a story about two people being romantically reunited.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a larger-than-life creature begins attacking Seoul, South Korea on a nightly basis, captivating spectators around the world. One night, Gloria is horrified to discover that her every move at a local playground is being mimicked on a catastrophic scale by the rampaging beast. When Gloria's friends get wind of the bizarre phenomenon, a second, more destructive creature emerges, prompting an epic showdown between the two monsters.

Featuring an empowering central performance by Anne Hathaway — playing a train-wreck fumbling toward redemption as she did in her multi-award-nominated Rachel Getting Married – Colossal is that rare beast, the story of a woman battling for her survival and taking control of her own life in the shadow of two very different monsters on either side of the world. Colossal, on one hand, reflects the comical romanticism presented by American independent film over the last three decades. On the other hand, it refers to kaiju monster movies from Japan, which has become icons of fantastic and catastrophic cinema —definitively bigger than life.

Deconstructing the monster movie genre in wildly imaginative ways, writer-director Nacho Vigalondo (of Timecrimes, Extraterrestrial and Open Windows fame) unleashes a fantastical tale that also triumphs as a wholly original and subversive romantic comedy. Colossal will be showing by May 17 in your favorite theaters. It is distributed by Solar Pictures.

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