Bastille Day (2016)

R-13 Action 1 hr 35 min
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A young artist and former CIA agent embark on an anti-terrorist mission in France.
Main Cast
Idris Elba  •  Richard Madden  •  Charlotte Le Bon
Released By
Axinite Digicinema
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  • R
    Richard Madden is framed for being caught by surveillance moments before a bomb goes off nearby killing civilians. Now on the run, Captain America must come to his friend's aid before a Civil War erup-- ohh wrong movie. Sorry but Richard Madden does look a lot like a brooding Sebastian Stan here. Don't think a lot about the over convoluted plot and you'll have fun with this movie. Saw this on an empty theater and laughed my ass off on moments of intentional humor and some unintentional.
  • M
    This movie keeps your attention throughout the story. Very interesting with twists and turns in the plot that keep you wondering until the end. Some movies become boring and you are just waiting for them to end, but this was worth the price of admission.

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