The Black Phone (2022)

R-13 Horror, Thriller 1 hr 43 min
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Through an old, disconnected telephone, an abducted young boy communicates with his kidnapper’s past victims, who try to assist him in his escape.
Main Cast
Ethan Hawke  •  Mason Thames  •  Madeleine McGraw  •  Jeremy Davies  •  James Ransone  •  E. Roger Mitchell  •  Troy Rudeseal
Released By
Universal Pictures
Ratings & Reviews
  • L

    Easily the best horror movie of 2022. It's emotional and the characters really connect with the audience. Amazing performance by the actors. 

  • Conventional, eerie, engaging, familiar, predictable, vintage, sad, simple, plodding, uneven, well-made.


    if you catch me being abducted by ethan hawke, please do not interfere! he caught ME slipping!!



  • The film is pretty straightforward, mixing a slasher, abduction thriller, and ghosts. While it is not a film that I'll be thrilled to recommend, it did capture my interest and entertained me throughout its runtime.

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