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The long-standing conflict between the military forces and the rebel group Abu Sayaff has severely ravaged the poor town of Patikul in Sulu. Residents have become so accustomed to the armed clashes, that reports of kidnappings and recruitment of young Tausugs to join the rebel groups already became normal news to them. However, Amman, a 33 year old coffee farmer in Sitio Kan-Ague, continues to believe that there is still hope for their town. Amman believes that educating his children would change their present situation. His 9-year old son Fahad is one of Kan-Ague Elementary School’s top students. Fahad’s brilliance and perseverance have led him to represent his school in the annual regional quiz bee. Joined by his best friend Alelie, Fahad goes through rigorous training under Michael Balmes, the principal of Kan-Ague Elementary School. Michael is one of the few volunteer teachers who walk daily through a dangerous path just to get to Kan-Ague. Michael’s constant encouragement and persistence to educate the kids in Kan-Ague gives new promise to the residents of Kan-Ague. However, this hope becomes short-lived after a relative of one of the volunteer teachers dies in an armed encounter between the army and rebels. Little did the residents know that this incident would lead to the death of their beloved principal and, for fear for their own safety, force the teachers to abandon the students of Kan-Ague. The town’s worsening situation compels Amman to take action and convince his co-parents to find a solution, but Amman soon discovers that this won’t be an easy task. Most of the parents are reluctant to cooperate, and he finds no support from the local government. Amman is now faced with two choices: capitulate to the brutality of war or find a way to make the teachers go back to the classrooms of Kan-Ague to teach their children once again. [Provided by Cinemalaya]
Main Cast
Marvin Agustin
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