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Opens May 31, 2023
Broken Clouds

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May 25, 2023
6/49 Super
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Princess 'Daya'Reese

2021G 1 hr 55 min
Comedy Romance
Reese is a con artist from Manila who dreams of living like royalty. An opportunity arrives in the form of Princess Ulap, a runaway princess from the mysterious kingdom of Oro, who looks exactly like her. Switching places in exchange for gold, Reese flies to Ulap's kingdom where she meets Caleb, a young and determined reporter who is doing a documentary on the island of Oro. The road to happily ever after becomes bumpy when the man in search for truth begins to fall in love with the fake princess.
Main Cast
Maymay Entrata  •  Edward Barber  •  Snooky Serna
Film Producer
Released By
ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc.

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