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June 15, 2024
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The Art of Racing in the Rain

2019G 1 hr 48 min
Comedy Drama
It follows Enzo, a dog owned by Denny and Swift who reflects about his relationship with his human family and being around in times of need.
Main Cast
Milo Ventimiglia  •  Amanda Seyfried  •  Kevin Costner
Released By
Walt Disney Pictures
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Ratings & Reviews

  • Always game for a movie with dogs as leads! ✋ This is based on a book with the same title. I love Milo Ventimiglia and Enzo's (the golden retriever) chemistry. This movie is feel-good, gritty, inspiring, and a tearjerker all at once. Made me appreciate my dog more. Streamed this on Disney+. 

  • E
    I'm a dog lover and I watched it with my boyfriend who is a car-lover and we loooooved this movie so much!!! It was super heartwarming. Hugged my dog when I got home. Get your tissues ready!
  • Hala syaaa..yung first two minutes into the movie at nangingilid na agad yung luha ko! Kevin Costner did great as a voice over while Milo Ventimiglia is a real star yung no-acting acting talaga eh. Hahah! You don't need to be a fan of car racing nor be a dog-lover to appreciate this one. Predictable, ihandang maiyak bago mag ending. It's a rollercoaster emotional ride--you'll laugh, cry, fall in love, get angry. ToyZebra.PitCrew.SlowDance.

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