Spellbound (2023)

PG Comedy, Romance 1 hr 47 min
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“Spellbound” is the Filipino adaptation of the top-grossing 2011 South Korean romantic-comedy film. Yuri, a beautiful lady who has become a ghost magnet after she survived a vehicular accident back in high school. The constant presence of the ghosts in Yuri’s life stirs fear among people dear to her. Even her family members detached from her. She purposely distanced herself from other people. Hence, Yuri is convinced she is better off alone. Victor, a street magician who easily attracts people through his charm and good looks. He spotted Yuri among his audience so he made her his inspiration for his horror-magic show that becomes an instant hit with the crowd.
Main Cast
Bela Padilla  •  Marco Gumabao  •  Rhen Escaño
Released By
Viva Films

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