Ma' Rosa (2016)

R-16 Action, Drama 1 hr 50 min
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A poor family scrambles to find the money to pay off the corrupt policemen that have arrested the parents for dealing drugs.
Main Cast
Jaclyn Jose  •  Julio Diaz
Released By
Centerstage Productions thru Solar Pictures
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  • J
    Not the greatest Filipino movie of all time, but this film definitely is one of the best. Focused and concise, yet compelling. The film's rawness would make you think of and care about what's happening at the "other side". Its almost monotonous tone (which is further exemplified by the characterization of the female protagonist) from start until almost the end, and just broken by that very last scene (with the headshot of Jacklyn Jose while eating), is something that you do not usually see in local movies. A definite must-see.

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