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My Teacher

2022PG 1 hr 54 min
A high school teacher learns her most valuable lesson in life after meeting a 70-year-old student.
Main Cast
Joey de Leon  •  Toni Gonzaga  •  Loisa Andalio
Film Producer
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  • J

    Boring, more often than not. There are story beats where they clearly think it will be a high, but it falls flat and unearned. The only worthwhile part is the young love team, LoiNie.

  • A

    Reviews in only 2 types, 5 for those who watched and 1 for those pink/yellow trolls trying to undermine the movie, mga malulungkogt ang pasko at may hangover pa ng election..lols

  • A

    Toni was trying too hard to play the character. It feels off. She can't give justice to the character who is a teacher. Toni is a person who likes to enable misinformation so playing the role of an educator, who is supposed to spread facts and truths, can be very difficult for her.

  • M

    It was good movie. Others may say, it is a typical story of a young teacher who learned a thing or two from his older student but the movie is more than that.

    It is a movie showing the love of teachers, love of a father and a child and more. It was a reality talk for the young students now. 


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