Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap (2018)

R-16 Comedy1 hr 47 min
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13 users
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Fun and Enjoyable 7
Male lead 4
Story 4
Hilarious 3
Cast 3
Action-packed 2
Great in 3D 2
Female lead 1
Heartwarming 1
Thought-Provoking 1
Set in the imaginary Barangay Husay, Eman teams up with his two friends, Toto and Carlo who start as the underdogs, failing at every opportunity to succeed in their small-time scams. They then meet Nicoy who becomes part of Eman's group breaking the tradition of having only 3 members per gang.
Main Cast
Pepe Herrera, Jerald Napoles, Jelson Bay
Ratings & Reviews
  • J
    A rare gem of a Filipino comedy! Matalino at pinag-isipan yung pagka-nakakatanga niya. Unlike other comedies na puro patawa lang, ito may story talaga. Walang joke or hirit na pilit o corny. Sulit na sulit oras at bayad mo.

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