La La Land (2017) Comedy, Drama

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 4.1/5 stars (82 votes) | 15 reviews
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A musician and an aspiring actress cross paths and fall in love in Los Angeles.
Main Cast
Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling
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Released By
Pioneer Films
Running Time
2 hrs 15 min

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03:21 La La Land - Trailer... Step into the city where the biggest and brightest stars are made in this year’s most anticipated romantic musical “La La Land” starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling with John Legend in his first major screen role.
02:12 La La Land - International Trailer... The highly-anticipated romantic musical “La La Land” starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling takes off on an exuberant song-and-dance journey through a life-changing love affair between a jazz pianist and a hopeful actress.

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  •   Sun, 29 Jan 2017 1:49 PM

    This is an updated classic MGM musical executed brilliantly. Don't expect any intricate plot. This is a languid train ride that take one from point A to a very precise destination. This is the Beat Picture that you will love to see over and over, again. Finally!

  •   Sun, 29 Jan 2017 12:20 PM

    Good old classic hollywood with a modern twist and immortal love element. Grabe sa cute ng movie na ito.

  •   Fri, 27 Jan 2017 5:12 PM

    The was bored the whole time. Transitioning is poor. The musical has no coherence like performances is scattered here and there. The movie fails to make an emotional connection with the audience.

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