Blood Ransom (2014)

R-16 Romance, Thriller 1 hr 40 min
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A young woman is kidnapped and falls in love with her captor. As they run from a killer chasing them down, she hides a secret that could change everything.
Main Cast
Alexander Dreymon  •  Anne Curtis  •  Samuel Caleb Hunt

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  • M
    i was dragged by my friend to watch this movie. it is so boring that i left my friend at the middle of the show. i think this movie cost me a friendship.
  • K
    I cant believe this is just an hour and a half because it felt longer than Titanic. The pacing is so slow it doesnt even feel right for a vampire movie. The script is just too ambitious and pretentious that you get confused. The only saving grace is Anne Curtis who looks soooo hot and the Channing Tatum look alike's green eyes :-)

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