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June 16, 2024
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Here Comes the Groom

2023PG 1 hr 47 min
Rodrigo Sr., his wife Salve, their children Rodrigo Jr and Blesilda are on their way to Junior's wedding in the midst of a solar eclipse and cruising on a magnetic field when their vehicle hits the van of a family of gay pageant konteseras Mama Wendy, Wanda, Winona, Whilhelmina and their trainee, Whitney when a soul swapping happens. How long will they need to stay in their swapped bodies before the next solar eclipse?
Main Cast
Xilhouete  •  Enchong Dee  •  Keempee de Leon
Film Producer
Released By
Quantum Films / CineKo Productions / Brightlight Productions
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Ratings & Reviews

  • I was pleasantly surprised that the film was not as insufferable to sit through as I thought it would be. While a lot of the jokes were hit and miss, the acting by the ensemble and the witty dialogue still got a laugh or two out of me. The film has a pretty decent premise about self-acceptance, discrimination and kindness towards people who you perceive as different. While not really thought provoking, I'd still commend them for trying to explore themes of tolerance and compassion in a time where there seems to be an increasing amount of the opposite.

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