Tully (2018)

PG Comedy, Drama1 hr 36 min
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It follows the friendship of a mother of three and a night nanny who she hires to help with her newborn.
Main Cast
Charlize Theron  •  Mackenzie Davis
Released By
Viva International Pictures
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  • N
    Tully brings Charlize Theron's motherly skills on fire! As being said, you can even realize how less daunting Thanos has been doing in Avengers: Infinity War than motherhood. Tully is just one of the best films dedicated to all parents (biological or adoptive) and guardians. And yes, also to all nannies out there.
  • M
    The Movie itself is an engrossing, dramedy primarily anchored by Charlize Theron’s superb performance as a disilllusioned mother of 3, supported by a compelling cast and a well crafted witty script. The twist at the end will surely generate a discussion. Truly worthy of an admission.
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