Heneral Luna (2015)

R-13 Biography, History, War | 1 hr 58 min
5.0 - critic's rating |
4.8 - user rating | 33 reviews
Action-packed (3) Male lead (2) Superb Cast (2)
During the Filipino-American war, the arrogant, temperamental Antonio Luna must deal with politicking and insubordination as he tries to defend the nation against its invaders.
Main Cast
John Arcilla, Arron Villaflor, Mon Confiado
Film Producer
Released By
Quantum Films

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01:03 Heneral Luna - Teaser Trailer The film Heneral Luna is based on Whirlwinds of Dust: The Fall of Antonio Luna, an original screen play written by Henry Francia and E.A. Rocha. It won Third Prize at the FDCP’s “kaSAYSAYan” Historical Scriptwriting contest in July of 2010. Award-winning director Jerrold Tarog (Sana Dati, Senior Year, Confessional) was looking for a story about the Filipino hero General Antonio Luna, and found Whirlwinds of Dust to be rich material to be turned into a feature film.

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