Kunwari Mahal Kita (2023)

PG Drama 1 hr 51 min


Greg is married to Cindy-- the epitome of a successful woman. She seems to have everything in her life except for one thing—an, equally successful husband. Cindy decides to call it quits with Greg, demanding an annulment. Greg tries to prevent it from happening but to no avail, Cindy doesn’t want to hear any apology anymore. To clear his mind, Greg rides all the way to his cousin Gab’s resort in La Union. This is where he meets HYDES, a perky man-hating staff to which he had an unfortunate meetcute with, until their relationship deepens. It all felt real until Cindy shows up at the resort, asking Greg to give their marriage another chance. Whose heart will prevail in the end?
Main Cast
Ryza Cenon  •  Joseph Marco  •  Nathalie Hart
 •   • 
Released By
Viva Films

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