Posas (Shackled) (2012)

R-13 Drama | 1 hr 35 min
3.0 - critic's rating |
A young snatcher is nabbed by the police for stealing a cell phone. He becomes witness to a broken system of justice from which he will never truly be free.
Main Cast
Bangs Garcia, Nico Antonio, John Lapus
Released By
Quantum Films

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01:46 Posas (Shackled) - Trailer Cinemalaya 2012 Director's Showcase Category Corruption is a process. Jestoni “Jess” Biag, early 20s, is a notorious snatcher victimizing people in bustling streets around Quiapo Church. As a routine, he steals wallets, gadgets and jewelries, which he will trade for a meager amount of peso---enough for him to survive and to support his family. Today, Jess will be captured by the police for snatching a cellphone of a call center agent, Ma. Grace Rosuello (Bangs Garcia). It’s his first time to undergo investigation. And as he goes in the process from Barangay Hall Clinic, Police Station to the Fiscal’s Office, we will witness how human rights violation bluntly executes, and how culture of corruption deviously perpetuates in this chain of institutions. In the end, despite the fact of proving Jess as guilty of committing theft, he will still get his freedom. But this freedom shackled him to a cycle upholding the predicament of his life.

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