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USD $1 ₱ 58.22 0.0000 May 24, 2024
May 23, 2024
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I Am Not Big Bird

2024R-16 1 hr 36 min
A 30-something virgin who, dejected after his girlfriend turns down his marriage proposal, heads off on holiday to Thailand with a bunch of friends. Once there, a peculiar chain of events ensues when Gil’s character is mistaken for a famous Thai porn star, the “Big Bird” of the title.
Main Cast
Enrique Gil  •  Red Ollero  •  Nikko Natividad
Film Producer
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Star Cinema
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Ratings & Reviews

  • P

    Not my kind of movie. Trying hard. Must stick to Enrique's strength. In Philippines, people are not yet ready for the genre, super bastos ang dating sorry. 

  • M

    Sakto to sa mga NGSB (No Girlfriend Since Birth), mga virgin, mama's boy, at mga immature. Laughtrip tong movie na to.

  • E

    A very poor imitation of hollywood sex comedy movies. The fat guy can't act. Pathetic and tasteless. If you love sex comedies, go hollywood. Spend your money elsewhere. 

  • M

    Need to be more bold in making this kind of movie in the Philippines. But admired the guts and risks taken.

  • S

    Congratulations Quen so proud of you 👏 all cast is the best they pull of the character walang tapon the Thai actors also is  good ...first time seeing Quen in this kind of film I'm so happy for him and first tjme doing him this kind of film I am enjoying and such laughing the whole time of the film

  • D

    Funny and a good barkada movie. Don't listen to the critics who are too close-minded to understand this kind of humor. Most of them are targeting Red Ollero because of his political affiliations. Mga DDshit and BoboM karamihan sa mga troll na yan

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