WATCH: Trailer for Indonesian Remake of ‘Kita Kita’

Tonyo and Leah of Kita Kita are getting their Indonesian counterparts!

The blockbuster film that pulled our heartstrings in 2017 is now getting an Indonesian remake!

Kita Kita, the film that amplified the "love is blind" trope through the memorable characters of Tonyo and Lea, now has an Indonesian remake titled Cinta Itu Buta (Love is Blind).

Here's the official trailer for the film:

Kita Kita director Sigrid Andrea Bernardo also shared the news on her Instagram page, tagging the stars of the film Empoy Marquez and Alessandra De Rossi. While the original film was shot in Sapporo, Japan, the remake takes its place in Busan, Korea.

Here's the film's synopsis:

Diah is a tour guide in Korea who dreams of finally getting married to her fiance Jun-ho, although the local seems to always postpone the marriage. When their relationship finally goes downhill, Diah is suddenly struck with a case of temporary blindness. While blind, she meets Nik, a compatriot with a sense of humor. Nik then becomes Diah's constant company while she recovers from heartbreak and blindness.

If the film is as effective as the original, we could expect a rollercoaster of emotions coming for the viewers.


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The film stars Shandy Aulia, Dodit Mulyanto, Chae In-Woo, Gemilang Sinatrya, and Rolando Octavio, with the direction of Rachmania Arunita. It is set for release this October 10.

Kita Kita is available for streaming on Netflix.

Homestream image from Cinta Itu Buta's official Instagram page.


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