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Meet the Cast of “The Garfield Movie” in Theaters May 29

Meet the pawsome characters of The Garfield Movie, starring Chris Pratt. Discover the hilarious and heartwarming adventures of Garfield, Jon, Odie, and more. In cinemas May 29

Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure with Garfield in the all-new, all-animated “The Garfield Movie“! Opening in cinemas on May 29, this film promises laughter, fun, and a dash of mischief with your favorite lasagna-loving, Monday-hating cat and his quirky friends. Let’s get to know the pawsome characters bringing this story to life.

Voiced by Chris Pratt

Garfield is everyone’s favorite lazy, quick-witted, and comedic cat. Known for his love of lasagna and disdain for exercise, Garfield embodies the dream of doing nothing all day long. Despite his lazy demeanor, Garfield’s occasional “workouts” include walking to the fridge, turning over in bed, and lifting his fork to eat. He enjoys a pampered life with his owner Jon and their faithful dog, Odie.

Chris Pratt, the filmmakers’ top choice for Garfield, perfectly captures the character’s sarcasm and laziness. Director Mark Dindal humorously remarks, “Chris just captures that laziness and sarcasm in his natural voice.”

Jon Arbuckle
Voiced by Nicholas Hoult


Jon’s life changed for the better when he adopted Garfield after a chance encounter at Mamma Leoni’s restaurant. A cartoonist by trade, Jon works from home, often falling asleep at his draftsman table. With Garfield and Odie by his side, Jon feels he has the perfect family.

Producer Andrew Kosove praises Nicholas Hoult, saying, “Hoult’s performance is both funny and empathetic.”

Barked by Harvey Guillén

Odie, the loyal and sweet dog, is Garfield’s faithful companion. Always eager to help, Odie has a keen sense of introspection and is often the voice of reason. He is Garfield’s emotional anchor and the glue that holds their little family together.

Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson

Vic, Garfield’s estranged father, is a street-smart, larger-than-life cat. Known for his ability to charm and con his way through life, Vic brings mischief and adventure wherever he goes. His mysterious disappearance long ago adds to his enigmatic character.

Samuel L. Jackson’s performance brings both humor and emotion to Vic. Producer Broderick Johnson notes, “Sam brings comedy, but also tremendous emotion, and he balances them very successfully – as well as anybody in the business.”

Voiced by Hannah Waddingham

Jinx, a British cat with dreams of stardom, fell on hard times and joined Vic’s criminal crew. After a heist gone wrong, she was sent to the pound. Feeling betrayed by Vic, Jinx escapes, determined to seek revenge.

Director Dindal comments, “I think the performance she gave inspired the animation and made her a rich, sympathetic villain. Of course, she can’t succeed, but you understand where she’s coming from.”

Voiced by Ving Rhames

Otto, a former mascot for Lactose Farms, now spends his days grazing near his beloved Ethel in a petting zoo. His determination to rescue Ethel leads him to join Garfield and Vic on their heist.

Producer Kosove shares, “When the character was written, we didn’t think of anyone other than Ving Rhames to play Otto, the lovelorn bull.”

Roland and Nolan
Voiced by Brett Goldstein and Bowen Yang

Roland and Nolan are Jinx’s henchdogs, providing comic relief with their unique personalities. Roland, a rotund Shar Pei, and Nolan, a narrow-shouldered whippet, formed an alliance with Jinx while in the pound.

Voiced by Cecily Strong

Marge, Lactose Farms’ head of security, is tough and shrewd. With a Minnesota accent, she takes dairy protection very seriously, willing to do whatever it takes to keep intruders out.

Producer Kosove says, “Cecily came in and created the voice of that character in a unique way.”

The Adventure Begins

In “The Garfield Movie,” Garfield’s pampered life takes an unexpected turn when he reunites with his long-lost father, Vic. Joined by Odie, the trio embarks on a high-stakes heist, leading to a wild outdoor adventure.

Don’t miss the fun and excitement when “The Garfield Movie” hits cinemas on May 29. Join Garfield and his friends on their crazy escapade! #GarfieldMovie

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