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Steve Carell Brings Heart and Hugs to ‘IF’ as the Loveable Blue, Premieres May 15

Discover Steve Carell's heartwarming role as Blue in John Krasinski's enchanting new film "IF," set to capture hearts in Philippine cinemas starting May 15. Reconnect with imagination and adventure in this must-see family comedy.

In an enchanting reunion from their days on “The Office,” Steve Carell returns under the direction of John Krasinski to voice Blue, the charming and oversized imaginary friend in the much-anticipated family adventure-comedy “IF.” The film, penned and helmed by Krasinski, explores the limitless creativity of children’s imaginations through their imaginary friends, known as IFs.

A Colorful Character in Every Hue

Blue, despite his name, is not blue but purple—a whimsical twist attributed to his creator’s color blindness. “Everyone calls him Blue, but he is purple,” says producer Andrew Form. “John decided that the child who invented him was color-blind. Blue is very lovable, and like all IFs, just wants to get back to the kid who created  him and reclaim that life.”

Perfect Casting with Steve Carell

Producer Allyson Seeger said Carell would be the perfect fit as his voice actor.  “When you envision the personification of Blue, who’s larger-than-life, who makes you want to hug him all the time, who can make you laugh and make you cry, there’s nobody more perfect than Steve.”

A Magical Reunion

Krasinski reflected on working with Carell again, noting, “Getting to watch him do the voice of Blue was phenomenal,” Krasinski explains. “I don’t think anybody brings Steve’s level of energy, comedy, and warmth. He made Blue the sweetest, funniest, most adorable character, and the best hugger in the history of hugs.”

The character of Blue was rigorously tested with Krasinski’s own children, passing with flying colors. “I was the most nervous I have ever been to show footage to anyone when I showed my kids this three-minute clip,” Krasinski confesses. “At the end, there was dead silence as they just stared at a blank screen. I almost burst into tears. Then they both said at the same time, ‘When can we bring him home?’ In just three minutes, they recognized him as someone that they wanted to experience life with.”


Film Synopsis

IF” tells the story of a young girl with the unique ability to see everyone’s imaginary friends. She embarks on a magical journey to help these forgotten friends reconnect with the children who imagined them. The film features a star-studded cast including Ryan Reynolds, John Krasinski, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Fiona Shaw, alongside the delightful voices of Carell and others.

Global Anticipation and Local Release

IF” is set to open in Philippine cinemas on May 15 and promises to be a delightful cinematic experience for families and moviegoers of all ages. The film is distributed locally by Paramount Pictures through Columbia Pictures.

Connect with the magic of “IF” using the hashtag #IFMovie and tagging @paramountpicsph on your favorite social media platforms.

Photo and Video Credit: “Paramount Pictures International”

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