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Unravel the Mysteries of Fate: Meet the Characters of “Tarot,” Opens in Cinemas on May 1

Experience the terror and suspense in "Tarot," the new horror film hitting Philippine cinemas on May 1. Follow a group of friends as they confront their darkest fears after tampering with a cursed tarot deck.

Dive into the dark and mystic world of tarot cards with the thrilling new horror film, “Tarot,” set to captivate audiences in the Philippines starting May 1. This chilling narrative follows a group of friends whose innocent fun turns into a terrifying battle against an ancient evil.

Meet the Characters Confronting Their Destiny

Haley (Harriet Slater) – A spiritualist grappling with personal turmoil, Haley’s belief in predetermined fate is shaken as she struggles to reclaim control over her life. Can she defy the ominous predictions of her tarot cards?

Paxton (Jacob Batalon) – The glue that holds his friends together, Paxton’s skepticism about tarot cards fades as dark forces begin to unravel around him, thrusting him into a nightmare he never anticipated.

Lucas (Wolfgang Novogratz) – Known for his daredevil antics, Lucas shows his deeper, caring side when it comes to his friends, proving that courage can sometimes come from love rather than thrill-seeking.

Paige (Avantika) – Despite her affluent background, Paige remains down-to-earth and nurturing, always ready to support her friends during crises with her maternal instincts.


Madeline (Humberly González) – A social media enthusiast, Madeline’s habit of capturing every moment becomes crucial as the group faces unimaginable dangers, turning her video logs into potential lifesavers.

Elise (Larsen Thompson) – The optimist of the group, Elise’s curiosity about tarot at her birthday party inadvertently triggers the horror that follows, teaching her a harsh lesson about the mystical world.

Grant (Adrian Bradley) – Still reeling from his recent breakup with Haley, Grant’s pragmatic approach to life is put to the test as he tries to unravel the supernatural mysteries threatening them, while also seeking closure in his personal life.

About the Film

Tarot” explores the perilous consequences of ignoring the sacred rules of tarot readings—specifically, the taboo against using another’s deck. Directed by Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg, and featuring a stellar cast including Harriet Slater, Jacob Batalon, and Avantika, this film delves into the suspense and horror of confronting one’s fate head-on.

Produced by Leslie Morgenstein and Elysa Koplovitz Dutton, with Scott Glassgold, and executive produced by Andrew Pfeffer and Scott Strauss, “Tarot” is not just a film but an experience of thrilling proportions.

Don’t miss “Tarot,” a spine-chilling journey into the unknown, as it debuts in Philippine cinemas. Will the group overcome the deadly predictions, or will their fates align with the cards? Join the conversation and share your thoughts using the hashtag #TarotMovie.

Embark on a thrilling exploration of destiny and danger with “Tarot,” where the cards are not just a game, but a gateway to the supernatural.

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