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Fil-Am Jacob Batalon Invites Pinoys to Watch New Horror Flick ‘Tarot’ This May 1

Step into the world of horror with Jacob Batalon's invitation to witness the chilling tale of "Tarot," hitting Philippine cinemas on May 1st. Unravel the mystery as a group of friends faces their fate after tampering with the occult. Don't miss the hair-raising journey brought to life on the big screen!

Filipino-American actor Jacob Batalon, celebrated for his role in the Spider-Man series, is excited to invite his Filipino fans to the premiere of his latest film, Tarot. This new horror thriller is set to make its debut in Philippine cinemas on May 1, promising a spine-tingling experience rooted in the mysteries of the occult.

The Terrifying Tale of Tarot

Tarot takes a dark and suspenseful turn on the classic practice of fortune-telling. The film follows a group of friends who unwittingly unleash a sinister force after violating an ironclad rule: never use someone else’s tarot deck. This awakens a malevolent entity from the cursed cards, and one by one, the friends find themselves facing their worst nightmares, all dealt by the very deck they misused.

Batalon Deals Out a Spooky Invite

To amp up the excitement for Filipino fans, Batalon sent a special video message extending a chilling invitation.

Visionary Direction and Inspirational Fears

Directed and written by Anna Halberg and Spenser Cohen, Tarot taps into the deep-seated fears associated with the occult. Halberg explains, “We love astrology and horoscopes because it’s a way to learn about yourself, but it’s also a way to bring clarity and to learn about the future. On the other hand, if you know what the future is going to hold, good or bad, it will influence the decisions that you make, and just because you could know what the future brings, I don’t know that it’s a good idea that you should.” This tension between curiosity and fear is central to the film’s plot, designed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Designed for Group Thrills

“Tarot” is designed to be a heart-pounding experience that’s even more exciting when shared with friends. “Horror films are undeniably more thrilling when watched in a group,” says Halberg. “Imagine the jump scares and screams echoing in a dark theater filled with strangers – it’s a guaranteed adrenaline rush!” Cohen adds, “Think of it as a Halloween night adventure with your closest companions, venturing into a haunted house. ‘Tarot’ is crafted for the big screen, so grab your friends and prepare to be spooked!”


Don’t miss your chance to witness the horrifying consequences of meddling with fate. Catch “Tarot,” starring Fil-Am actor Jacob Batalon, hitting Philippine cinemas nationwide on May 1. The film is distributed by Columbia Pictures, the local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International. Join the conversation online using the hashtag #TarotMovie.

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