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“Bob Marley: One Love” – A Cinematic Tribute to the King of Reggae

Discover the heart and soul of Bob Marley in the groundbreaking film "Bob Marley: One Love." Experience the unseen facets of Marley's life and legacy in theaters starting March 13, 2024.

Bob Marley’s unparalleled influence on music and culture continues to resonate across the globe, and the much-anticipated film, “Bob Marley: One Love,” promises to bring a fresh perspective on the legendary artist’s life and legacy. Directed by the acclaimed Reinaldo Marcus Green, this cinematic journey delves deep into Marley’s essence, exploring facets of his personality and legacy that have rarely been seen before.

A Labor of Love and Legacy

Green’s direction paints a picture of Marley not just as a musician but as a visionary who carried the burdens of the world with a singular mission: to spread love and joy. “Bob carried the weight of the world on his shoulders to bring one love and joy to others. He bore that pain for us. He carried abandonment. He carried agony. He carried guilt. But he did not carry hate,” Green reflects, encapsulating the spirit that drove Marley throughout his life.

Cast Insights and Inspirations

The film’s portrayal by Kingsley Ben-Adir offers an intimate look at Marley’s complex persona, beyond his public image. Ben-Adir shares, He wasn’t sentimental,” Ben-Adir says. “I can say that confidently. I’ve spent enough time with him now to know that Bob wasn’t sentimental. Music and football were his systems of how he felt good. Football, stamina, running, music, lick of smoke. He lost himself in the music. I feel like he’s singing for his life a lot of the time.” Lashana Lynch, embodying Rita Marley, adds a layer of profound connection, attributing Marley’s inner peace as a source of inspiration for a world in dire need of harmony, “If many in this world had even a slice of the level of peace that Bob harnessed throughout his time on this Earth, well, we all know how that could reverberate,” says Lynch.

Continuing the Marley Message

Cedella Marley, Bob Marley‘s daughter, voices a poignant hope that the film will perpetuate her father’s legacy of kindness and unity. “My kids, I hope they witness a different type of kindness. Kindness for Mankind, kindness for one another. There are still certain things I thought my children would never have to experience, that you never thought would still be happening,” she says. “And if not my children, hopefully their children. We’ll keep spreading his message. Because Bob Marley still has a lot of work to do.” she asserts, highlighting the timeless relevance of Marley’s work.

A Cinematic Journey Begins

Bob Marley: One Love” is not just a film; it’s a celebration of a man who became a symbol of peace and unity. With an ensemble cast bringing to life the story of Bob Marley, audiences are invited to experience the depth of his influence on music, culture, and beyond. The film, a collaborative effort with the Marley family, ensures an authentic portrayal that honors Marley’s legacy.


Paramount Pictures, in association with Plan B Entertainment, State Street Pictures, and Tuff Gong Pictures, presents a film that promises to be a touching tribute to Bob Marley’s life and music. “Bob Marley: One Love” is set to open in Philippine cinemas on March 13, 2024, inviting viewers to connect with the spirit of Bob Marley and his enduring message of love and unity.

Connect with the Legend

Don’t miss this cinematic tribute to Bob Marley’s life and legacy. Join us in theaters for “Bob Marley: One Love,” and be part of the ongoing journey of one of the most iconic figures in music history. Follow the conversation with #BobMarleyMovie #OneLoveMovie and tag @paramountpicsph to share your experience and reflections on the film.

Photo and Video Credit: “Paramount Pictures International”

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