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Unearthed Terror: ‘Exhuma’ Trailer Reveals a Sinister Awakening

Dive into the heart of darkness with the newly released "Exhuma" trailer, where Lee Do-Hyun and Kim Go-Eun face an ancient evil. Experience the horror in Philippine cinemas on March 20.

The cinematic landscape trembles as the first trailer for “Exhuma” breaks through the surface, revealing a world where the dead refuse to rest in peace. Starring a powerhouse ensemble of Choi Min-Shik, Yoo Hae-Jin, Kim Go-Eun, and Lee Do-Hyun, this film promises to immerse audiences in an enthralling horror experience. Scheduled to haunt Philippine cinemas on March 20, “Exhuma” comes to you from Columbia Pictures, the local face of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

The Curse Awakens

In “Exhuma,” a wealthy Los Angeles family faces a terror beyond comprehension, haunted by a relentless supernatural force. In a bid to protect their newborn, they call upon Hwa Rim and Bong Gil, a duo of young and talented shamans. However, what they discover is a malevolent ancestral shadow, a “Grave Calling” that demands an exhumation to set things right.

Journey into the Abyss

Accompanied by Sang Deok, a geomancer of unparalleled skill, and Yeong Geun, a mortician with a deep understanding of the dead, they locate the ancestral grave in a forgotten village in Korea. Little do they know, the soil they disturb hides a darkness that should have remained buried. With the exhumation, they inadvertently unleash an ancient evil, setting the stage for a chilling saga of horror and survival.

A Director’s Vision Meets Stellar Performances

Jang Jae-Hyun‘s direction brings a chilling depth to “Exhuma,” combining the eerie with the profound. The film’s cast, including the likes of Choi Min-Shik, Yoo Hae-Jin, Kim Go-Eun, and Lee Do-Hyun, ensures a riveting performance that blurs the lines between the living and the supernatural. “Exhuma” is set to be a cinematic journey that delves into the darkest corners of ancestral legacies and the horrors they can unleash.

Prepare for the Unveiling

Exhuma” stands as a testament to the power of horror cinema to explore the depths of human fear and the supernatural. As the trailer peels back the layers of this chilling story, anticipation mounts for its release. Will the shamans be able to contain the evil they’ve freed, or will it consume them all? Find out on March 20, when “Exhuma” descends upon Philippine cinemas.


Embark on a journey of unspeakable terror with “Exhuma,” where ancient evils awaken and darkness reigns. #Exhuma

Photo and Video Credit: “Columbia Pictures”

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