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Eli Roth Unveils ‘Thanksgiving’: A New Slasher Tradition Begins

Join director Eli Roth as he carves into the horror genre with 'Thanksgiving,' a slasher film making its bloody debut on November 22 in Philippine cinemas.

The Making of a New Horror Staple: ‘Thanksgiving

Eli Roth, the maestro of macabre, takes a stab at turning a faux-trailer into a full-fledged slasher hit with Thanksgiving. Here’s how a holiday-themed murder spree went from a Grindhouse gag to a gruesome cinema centerpiece.

From Fake Trailer to Frightening Feature

Back in the halcyon days of 2006, Roth was roped into Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s cinematic escapade, ‘Grindhouse,’ with a task that set his sinister synapses firing. He was to concoct a bogus trailer that captured the essence of grindhouse gore. Little did he know, this would plant the seeds for a feature film years later.

A Feast of Frights


Roth reminisces about the halcyon days of slasher flicks that fueled his and co-writer Jeff Rendell’s formative years. Every holiday from Christmas to New Year’s had its horror homage, yet Thanksgiving had oddly been spared—until Roth’s creative cravings said otherwise.

Crafting Carnage

The trailer that once wowed ‘Grindhouse’ audiences was a mere montage of mayhem without a narrative. However, Roth’s resolve, fueled by fan fervor, didn’t wane. He and Rendell churned their creative cauldron, reverse-engineering a rich, riveting tale from the trailer’s visceral vignettes.

The Lore of ‘Thanksgiving

Roth spins a yarn about the mythical 1980 version of ‘Thanksgiving,’ so scandalous that it was allegedly obliterated from existence, save for that notorious trailer. The present project? A rebirth of that lost ‘classic,’ reimagined for today’s horror hounds.

Persistence and Fan Power

A testament to the tenacity of terror enthusiasts, Roth attributes the rekindling of ‘Thanksgiving’s’ flame to online communities that yearned for the trailer’s concept to morph into a movie. And with breakthroughs in story development, Roth’s vision finally took shape.

Unleashing ‘Thanksgiving

This November 22, a new slasher saga slashes through the silver screen. Starring Patrick Dempsey, ‘Thanksgiving’ promises to carve a permanent place in the pantheon of holiday horror.

About ‘Thanksgiving

In the town where Thanksgiving’s roots run deep, a Black Friday fiasco ignites a series of sinister slayings. A masked maniac turns Plymouth into his personal hunting ground, weaving a web of vengeance that hints at a more malevolent motive. Can the townsfolk halt this harvester of horror before they’re served up as the main course?

Roll Call of Terror

Directed by Eli Roth and Jeff Rendell, this ghastly gathering stars Patrick Dempsey, Addison Rae, and a crew capable of bringing your darkest nightmares to life. Be ready to reserve your seat at the table for ‘Thanksgiving’—a holiday horror that’s bound to leave a mark.

So mark your calendars, and perhaps reconsider that second helping of pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving isn’t just a movie—it’s an experience, a tradition in the making. And remember, in the world of Eli Roth, gratitude is great, but survival? That’s everything. #ThanksgivingMovie

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